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March 31, 2016

Wounded Warrior Project Founder Seeking Board Chair's Ouster

Reeling from allegations of lavish spending on travel, parties, and executive pay, the Wounded Warrior Project is now undergoing a power struggle between its original leader and the board chairman, according to CBS News. The feud erupted publicly after Anthony Odierno, who is also serving as interim CEO of the nation's biggest veterans charity, canceled a meeting Monday with John Melia, the retired Marine who founded Wounded Warrior in 2003.

Mr. Melia, who says he and his family were pushed out of the charity six years ago, has sought to return since the board fired CEO Steven Nardizzi and chief operating officer Al Giordano over the spending scandal earlier this month. He called on Mr. Odierno to resign to restore public trust in the group. "The same board that oversaw these problems, who approved the budget, is the same board trying to fix the problem," Mr. Melia said.

Mr. Odierno nixed the Monday meeting after Mr. Melia threatened to make public recordings of his phone conversations with board members, CBS reports. The charity's founding family is "attacking the organization to promote their personal agenda," the board said in a statement Wednesday.