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Barbara Picower

JPB Foundation.

Barbara Picower is the president and chair of the Board of Directors of the JPB Foundation. She will transition to president emerita in February.

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Stories by this Author

  • Opinion

    4 Essential Shifts Foundations Can Make to Advance Social Movements

    Outdated strategies and lack of money for the infrastructure of community-organizing groups are limiting their effectiveness just at a moment when we need to fight profound threats – especially to our democracy.
  • Opinion

    Lessons for Philanthropy From the 2020 Census

    Foundations and nonprofits joined forces at the national and local levels in ways that ensure that even the pandemic and political threats didn’t get in the way of an accurate count, an essential move given how important the census is to achieving grant makers’ missions.
  • Opinion

    Opinion: Every Person Counts: Why Philanthropy Must Help Save the Census

    Nearly all foundation missions will be harmed if the every-decade survey is hampered by low participation among immigrants, cyberattacks, or any in a range of other problems, say foundation leaders Gary Bass, Antonia Hernández, Barbara Picower, and Darren Walker.