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Clara Miller

Clara Miller is president emerita of the Heron Foundation and the founder and former president and CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund.

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Stories by this Author

  • Opinion

    If Foundations Want to Encourage Transparency, They Should Look in the Mirror

    Grant makers are big proponents of transparency for everyone but themselves. To live up to their professed standards, they should embrace the same practices required of public companies and make available information about their entire operations, including how they invest endowment dollars.
  • Opinion

    Opinion: Can Social-Impact Bonds Really Have Big Impact?

    Nonprofits often take too much risk and investors too little in this fast-spreading approach to solving big problems.
  • Advice

    Let’s Solve Problems, Not Fiddle With Tax Status

    Do charities really need to look more like businesses to solve social problems? Don’t believe the critics.
  • Advice

    Shattering the Myth About Diversified Revenue

    Grant makers and other experts often tell charities to diversify their revenue. But many times that advice is completely wrong, as many nonprofit leaders can attest.
  • Advice

    Financial Fluency: Capital Is Not a Synonym for Money

    Nonprofits that want to weather the economic storm need to understand the basic differences between capital and income.
  • Advice

    The Social Innovation Fund’s Challenge: Helping Nonprofits Survive Failure

    A new federal experiment provides all the ingredients needed for innovations to spread across the nonprofit world. Now the question is whether government and charities will have the courage to deal with the inevitable bumps that accompany true innovation.
  • Advice

    Why Nonprofit Groups Should Talk More About Money

    A new blog from the Nonprofit Finance Fund and The Chronicle seeks to expand the conversation about how nonprofit groups manage their money.
  • Opinion

    America’s Greatest ‘Public Works’

    America’s most crucial infrastructure is strained to the breaking point, but few Americans notice it. That’s because it’s not the bridges and tunnels and other public works that are at issue — it’s the nonprofit groups that have been doing more with less for so long that the public has come to…