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Edgar Villanueva

Edgar Villanueva is the founder and principal of Leverage Philanthropic Partners and Decolonizing Wealth Project.

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Stories by this Author

  • Opinion

    Companies That Pledged Billions for Racial Justice Must Invest More in Staff to Distribute Those Funds

    Corporate social-responsibility departments lack the diversity and resources to effectively manage significantly increased charitable dollars.
  • Opinion

    White Philanthropy, Here’s How to Guarantee Real Change Happens

    Inviting people of color into structures in which we are accountable to white millionaires and billionaires is not an invitation to share power. Real power comes from appointing people of color into top roles and actively dismantling the power structures that marginalize millions, say the author of Decolonizing Wealth and the head of the Groundswell Fund.
  • Opinion

    How Philanthropy Can Get Serious About Racial Healing (Opinion)

    On this day the Kellogg Foundation has pitched as a day to promote harmony, a philanthropy executive who is a member of the Lumbee Indian tribe urges philanthropies to give more power and resources to people who today still suffer the impact of imperialism and slavery.