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James Canales

James Canales is president and trustee of the Barr Foundation.

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Stories by this Author

  • Opinion

    To Advance Racial Equity, Foundation Boards Need to Take an Active Role

    A philanthropist and chief executive explain how they transformed a family philanthropy’s governance system so it helped accelerate a commitment to fighting racism.
  • Opinion

    Opinion: Fighting Global Climate Change Requires Foundations to Give Local

    Grant makers can make a big difference on an immense planetary problem by fostering collaborative solutions in their home regions.
  • Opinion

    As the Role of Foundations Changes, We Need to Alter Our Default Attitudes

    Philanthropy’s growth and the changing perspectives of young people and new donors require grant makers to reshape the grant-making culture.
  • Opinion

    Foundations Should Look Within for New Leaders

    Philanthropies have come to accept the appointment of outsiders as the norm, but the challenges they face today require people who know how grant making works.
  • Opinion

    How a Culture of Deference Undid Penn State

    The scandal holds lessons for boards and chief executives on how to avoid the kinds of mistakes that led to the horrific child-abuse tragedy.
  • Opinion

    An Unprecedented Challenge Gives Philanthropy a Chance to End Bad Habits

    These are unprecedented times in philanthropy. The economic difficulties facing our country are beginning to overwhelm and strain nonprofit organizations in profound ways, at the very time when the endowments of foundations have eroded significantly. This has, of course, stimulated important…
  • Opinion

    Let’s Stop Reinventing Potholes

    Politicians and philanthropic organizations share a common fault: We find it difficult to admit when we have made mistakes. In politics, it’s easy to understand why. Voters may treat a legitimate mistake as a sign of incompetence and throw an elected official out of office. But the public does not…
  • Opinion

    How Good Governance Really Works

    Governance is a hot topic among nonprofit organizations these days, and the discussion often focuses on what boards themselves need to do to be more effective, higher performing, and more accountable. While this focus is commendable, an equally important consideration often missing from the…