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Katie Smith Milway

Founder and principal, MilwayPLUS; Senior advisor, The Bridgespan Group

Stories by this Author

  • Equitable Evaluations

    When Participants Partake in Evaluations, Equity Is Advanced in Surprising Ways

    A new study shows that when nonprofits seek feedback from everyone connected to programs, including participants, hiring practices, communications, and organizational culture become more equitable, too.
  • Opinion

    Why It’s So Hard for Foundations to Influence How Other Big Donors Give (Opinion)

    New approaches are essential for philanthropy to pursue, but grant makers can’t promote change unless they focus on gathering data, showing what change looks like, enlisting the right people to promote an innovation, and getting rid of obstacles.
  • Opinion

    Opinion: Combat Executive Turnover by Training Leaders From Within

    As nonprofits face shortages of top executives, they must do more to identify, prepare, and promote the talent they already have.
  • Opinion

    Mergers Might Happen More Often if Nonprofits Focused on Workers’ Needs

    Blending boards, brands, and key staff members can be emotionally charged—and every bit as important as finances and mission.
  • Opinion

    It’s Time for Nonprofits to Stop Reinventing Wheels

    Creating strong incentives for sharing what works and making it easy to capture knowledge can help nonprofits become more efficient and effective.
  • Opinion

    Mergers Can Be a Tool for Charities in Tough Times

    As the economy worsens, grant makers are likely to put pressure on nonprofit groups to look into mergers and acquisitions. While nonprofit groups frequently resist such overtures, it is time for donors, nonprofit executives and trustees — especially those with corporate expertise in mergers — to…