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Letters to the Editor

Correspondence from Chronicle readers.

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DEI Initiatives Mask Continuing Inequities Facing Women Scientists

The leaders of the group 500 Women Scientists, which recently experienced a large drop in funding, believe philanthropy is less committed to equity in the field than op-ed authors claim.

Article About Conservative Donor Sean Fieler Sparks Heated Debate

Chronicle of Philanthropy readers weigh in on profile of conservative philanthropist.

Grassroots Organizing Makes Government Work Better

A grant maker praises a recent op-ed that encourages more donors to give to grassroots movements and says his foundation’s investments in local Latina organizers demonstrate why it matters.

More Research Is Needed on State Regulation of Charities

The authors of a report on state regulations of charities are calling for continuing examination and discussion to determine when the costs outweigh the benefits.

Disaster Relief Efforts Must Include Support for Lawyers on the Ground

A strong legal infrastructure is needed to ensure a just and fair response for residents in the aftermath of a disaster, argues public interest lawyer.

National Philanthropic Trust Takes Issue With DAF Report Coverage

The head of the trust argues that the Chronicle did not provide a fair and balanced depiction of the report and its data.

Separation of Church and State Is More Important Than the Good Works of Religious Organizations

Religious groups should either remove themselves fully from politics or start paying taxes, argues philanthropy scholar.

The Nursing Shortage Isn’t Only About Burnout

A dearth of nursing education faculty is preventing more people from entering the field — an issue that needs greater attention from donors, say a college dean and a foundation president.

Donor-Advised Funds Are Already Simple And Fair

DAFs don’t need fixing and aren’t used by wealthy people to warehouse their money, former foundation president argues.

Readers Offer Reflections and Praise for Nonprofit Advocate Pablo Eisenberg

Chronicle of Philanthropy readers share their stories about how Pablo Eisenberg, who died last month, affected their work in the field.
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