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Letters to the Editor

Correspondence from Chronicle readers.

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Low Compensation Affects All Nonprofit Workers — Not Just Gen Z

To attract the best people, the nonprofit world needs to end its so-called “culture of austerity.”

End Donor Dominance: Readers Respond to Op-Ed Criticizing Trust-Based Philanthropy

Readers say commentary misrepresents giving approach as lacking accountability; contend the opposite is the case.

Family Involvement in Education Should Start in the Library

Libraries offer something schools can’t: year-round programs that engage the whole family.

Donor Privacy Is Essential. Stop Asking Lawmakers to Force Disclosure.

Escalating calls to force charities to say who’s supporting them may lead to harassment of donors and dampen charitable giving.

Critics Are Wrong: DAF Misuse Isn’t Rampant

While charitable dollars should never be used to fuel hate, targeting DAFs isn’t the solution and ignores all the good they can accomplish.

Don’t Blame Nonprofit Mentorship Problems on Young Workers

Nonprofit leaders should embrace pushback from young colleagues, using it to become better mentors.

Reader Says Israel-Hamas War Coverage Lacks Balance

Criticizes Chronicle for focusing too much on the views of wealthy donors.

Complaints Against Giving Back Fund’s Leadership Are Without Merit

Recent media coverage of the Giving Back Fund misleads Chronicle readers, says the fund’s founder and CEO Marc Pollick.

Jewish Human Rights and Welfare Must Be a Philanthropic Priority

Foundations must pair statements denouncing antisemitism with programmatic commitments to support Jewish Americans.

Critics Are Wrong: The Donor Pyramid Works

When used correctly, donor pyramids and gifts charts are valuable fundraising tools.
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