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How Women Will Shape Philanthropy in the Decade Ahead

MacKenzie Scott captured headlines last year by showering $5.7 billion on a long list of nonprofits. While very few can give billions, more and more women donate million-dollar and multi-million-dollar sums to charities each year. And they are leaving their mark on philanthropy in big and small ways. Women tend to take a hands-on approach to helping nonprofits; they’re willing to tap into their networks to find expertise or solve problems; and research shows that women at all giving levels are more generous than men at similar levels.

As the nation emerges from the pandemic and the economic fallout that started the decade, will more donors be inspired to give as openly and boldly as Scott? Will fundraising strategies finally shift away from approaches created decades ago to appeal predominantly to white men? How will women from different backgrounds change the giving landscape?

Join the Chronicle to hear from a major donor and a nonprofit leader who is a frontline fundraiser as we examine the power and the potential for change women donors present in 2021 and beyond.