September 2017

Volume 29, Issue 11

Cover Story

Fundraising From the Modern Family

Nearly half of adults are not married, and charities are finding that their giving is anything but traditional.

LGBTQ Groups Adjust to More Married Donors

About half of gays and lesbians are now married, which some fundraisers fear will mean fewer bequests, because more money will be left to spouses and children.

No Kids, Big Bequests

People who are childless are more likely than others to surprise nonprofits by leaving money to them in their wills. Because baby boomers are more likely than other generations to be childless, those surprises may grow more common.

Nonprofits See Big Planned-Gift Potential as Childless Boomers Age

Research shows donors without kids give more, both during their lifetimes and in bequests, and fundraisers are taking family status into account in shaping stewardship strategies.

Superwealthy Donors From America’s Modern Families

Never married, divorced, and childless donors dot the ranks of the biggest philanthropists in the United States.


An Unorthodox Hire

David Schizer, once a crack Columbia University fundraiser and a talked-about candidate for the Trump administration, is reinvigorating a decades-old charity.

Baltimore Youth Charity Fights Poverty the Hard Way

The nonprofit group Thread surrounds each struggling teenage participant with a team of volunteers who push, pull, and cajole them to success. It’s hard work, but it gets results. Can it find the money and support it needs to grow?

2 Charities Show How Big Bets on City Youth Can Pay Off

Programs in Chicago and Oakland are showing how, with enough resources, the hardest-to-reach young people can become stable, successful members of their communities.

These People Will Help Chan and Zuckerberg Spend $45 Billion

The Facebook couple is plowing millions of dollars into for-profit companies it believes can address social problems, but key hires have plenty of ties to the foundation and charity worlds as well.


Curating Arts Careers for People of Color

Founded in response to 1992 riots over the Rodney King verdict, the Getty Foundation’s program has matched thousands of students with meaningful entry-level work at cultural organizations.

From Zero to $40 Million: Elite Fundraiser Explains How She Did It

Exhaustive research and tenacity helped Anna Barber raise this tidy sum for the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Now she’s striking out on her own.

Self-Made Couple Pours Millions Into Their Native Texas

Joe and Teresa Long have a 60-year partnership and a passion for supporting education and the arts in their home state.

Best Bet for Wealthy Donors: Appeal to Their Individualism, Study Suggests

Highlighting a donor’s ability to make a difference as an individual produced more giving among upper-income people than appeals to uniting for a common cause.

Fundraising Advice: Mailing-List Segmentation for Beginners

Splitting supporters into subgroups can help you pinpoint messages, improve programs, and assess what types of appeals and extras work best for which donors.


Opinion: 8 Causes That Demand Attention From Foundations Created for the Long Haul

More ultrawealthy people are deciding to give away their wealth during their lifetimes, but many big problems can’t be resolved within a few decades.

Opinion: Philanthropy Often Needs to Stand Up to Big Business, Not Collaborate With It

With the White House seemingly determined to deregulate, it may be up to foundations and donors to call out corporations for their excesses.

Letters: Chronicle’s Analysis of Endowment Spending Failed to Understand How Assets Are Managed for the Long Term

The chief financial officer at Stanford University says endowments are what lead to America’s economic growth, while leaders of a key college association see a missed opportunity to explain the difference between current gifts and those meant to ensure financial security.