February 2015

Volume 27, Issue 6

Cover Story

Young Tech Donors Take Leading Role in Philanthropy 50

Twelve of America’s most generous donors, including Jan Koum, the 38-year-old founder of the messaging company WhatsApp, are in Silicon Valley and beyond, and many are under 40.

When Scientific Research Can’t Get Federal Funds, Private Money Steps In

Donors are pouring money into programs that are too experimental or obscure to qualify for government funds.

A Science Charity Uses a Big Gift to Woo New Donors

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is trying to raise $100-million with the help of a $50-million donation from its founder, Gordon Gund.

$100-Million Oregon Donor Flaunts Her Tough-Mother Reputation

The Columbia Sportswear chief decided to give her fortune to cancer research rather than have the money taxed and used to "buy bullets."

More Tech Entrepreneurs Inclined to Give Now Instead of Waiting

But even as tech leaders increase their giving, some worry that too little is going to deal with problems in the Bay Area.


Survey Data Help Employment Group Boost Long-Term Success

Getting feedback from clients is changing how the Center for Employment Opportunities runs its programs.

Client Communication Helps Boarding School Shift Gears Quickly in Response to Ebola

More Than Me, an American charity, relied on its long commitment to communicating with constituents when the crisis struck.

How Nonprofits Persuade Their Boards to Spend More on Fundraising

Showing the potential for strong returns and establishing close ties with the CFO are among the ways top fundraisers get bosses and boards to spend more.

Last Year’s Giving: Good, but Studies Differ on How Good

College giving rose 11 percent, while estimates suggest overall giving rose 2 percent to 9 percent.

Feedback Movement Blossoms

Nonprofits are improving their work by making a point of hearing from the people they serve.

Questions Nonprofits Should Ask Before Seeking Feedback From the People They Serve

Charities need to think about what would motivate clients to share their opinions and their experiences and how the information will be used.

Obama Budget Again Calls for Limit to Charitable Deduction

The $4-trillion plan would also raise the capital-gains tax but would provide an exemption if the assets are donated to charity.

Court Orders IRS to Release Computer-Readable Charity Tax Forms

A nonprofit advocate today won a victory in his battle to force the tax agency to make information about tax-exempt groups more accessible.


New Easter Seals Leader Seeks to Make Organization Relevant to Today’s Donors

Randy Rutta, who has worked at the charity for more than three decades, is focusing on raising money from people in their mid 30s and 40s.

Environmental Leader Is an Outsider With Expertise in Policy and Nature

Rhea Suh, a former top government official and grant maker, becomes the first Asian-American to head the Natural Resources Defense Council.

‘The New Yorker’ Spotlights a Bloomberg-Financed Effort to Close the ‘Word Gap’

Providence Talks, which coaches low-income parents to promote language development in their young children by talking to them more, is showing early signs of success.

Charity’s Scholarships Help African Girls Pursue Their Life Goals

The Campaign for Female Education serves 100,000 children annually.

Nationwide’s Super Bowl Debut Fumbles Safety-Awareness Drive

Nationwide joins forces with a nonprofit to prevent accidents but is criticized for its ad’s morbid tone.

3 Takeaways From the Gates Annual Letter

Bill and Melinda Gates are now trying to enlist every citizen in philanthropy, not just fellow billionaires.


Opinion: Watchdog vs. Self-Promotion: Why Donor Lists Matter

Competition over who gave the most has been with us since Carnegie and Rockefeller, but now rankings reflect tough questions about philanthropy itself.

Opinion: Film on Campus Rape Could Take Philanthropy Activism to a New Level

"The Hunting Ground" should inspire college donors, legislators, and others to get serious about curbing sexual violence.

Need for Diversity at Nonprofits Is More Vital After Garner and Brown Cases

Charities have much to learn from business on the importance of hiring more women and minorities.

Opinion: Foundations Can Help Transform How We Care for Aging Americans

Let’s apply social networking concepts to how we help social-service groups and others care for a fast-growing part of our population.