July 2015

Volume 27, Issue 11

Cover Story

How Recession-Racked Charities Emerged Stronger Than Before

Nonprofit leaders tell how their groups weathered the recession and ended up larger and more solid than before — and what they are doing to prepare for the next downturn.

Detroit Nonprofit Powers Through Recession With Diversified Revenue

Amid tough times in Detroit, a serial entrepreneur achieves what many experts say should be every nonprofit’s goal.

Mergers Turn University Foundations Into Fundraising Juggernauts

Giving an affiliated foundation the lead in raising money, and bolstering its staff with the university advancement team, can result in more freedom and more dollars.

Foundation Puts Emphasis on No-Strings-Attached Grants

The Weingart Foundation Center boosted unrestricted grants to help nonprofits like the Pacific Asian Family, a group that fights domestic violence, navigate tough financial times.

Bold Choices in Dark Times

Instead of trimming its performance schedule, the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis survived through lean times by sticking with its 33-year history of commissioning innovative new work.

5 Essential Ways to Prepare for the Next Downturn

Organizations say retaining key staff, establishing strong board relationships, building healthy reserves, and diversifying revenue are key elements to weathering tough times.

Asking for a Bequest? To Set the Right Tone, Talk About Life

A researcher at Texas Tech University found that profiles of living people explaining why they were planning to leave a bequest spurred more donations than stories about giving by people who had died.


Grant Maker Shifts Focus to Funding Basic Science and Math

The Alfred P. Sloan foundation aims to spur innovation by restoring America’s pre-eminence in basic research, including how to compile and use big data sets.

Group of Grant Makers Seeks $1 Billion for Research That Takes Time

The Kavli and Moore foundations have sparked an alliance to support fundamental lab work on projects that may take decades to pay off — or may not succeed at all.

Recovery in Donations? Not So Fast: Behind the 'Giving USA' Data

People are giving more, incomes are rising, and foundations are more generous. But there's another side to all the happy news.


The Face of Philanthropy: Dancers at an Exhibition

The Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company surprises and delights people with performances in unexpected places, including some of Washington’s most prestigious museums.

Why I Give: 'All These People Were Suffering and Dying'

Stories from displaced people working in his factories inspired Chobani Yogurt founder Hamdi Ulukaya to use new foundation to help refugees around the world.

Tech’s No Panacea for Saving the World, Says Computer Scientist

Too many philanthropists forget the human element when employing technology to create social change, says a former Microsoft researcher.


Lessons From Charles Darwin on Promoting Philanthropy

How evolutionary thinking can provide insights into the human condition and help philanthropic leaders accomplish their missions.