December 2016

Volume 29, Issue 02

Cover Story

Nonprofits Brace for Big Changes Under Trump Administration

A Republican-controlled White House and Congress means sweeping efforts to overhaul tax laws, redirect spending, and roll back programs important to many charities.


$6.7 Billion Grant Maker Takes Founder’s Priorities to Heart

The philanthropy that bears Margaret Cargill’s name is hitting its stride, pumping hundreds of millions of dollars a year into the causes she held dear: the environment, disaster relief, arts and culture, animals, teachers, and older people.

From Animals to Disaster Aid: A Donor’s Legacy of Giving

A sampling of Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies grants shows how the organization's continues to give in accordance with its late namesake's wishes.

Humane Society Notches String of Big Wins Under Aggressive Leader

Wayne Pacelle has made life better for animals by attacking issues from all sides — and spending liberally on ads and fundraising.

Campaigns Aim to Capture Wealth Transfer in Shrinking Communities

A growing movement finds community foundations in rural and Rust Belt regions with declining populations asking donors to bequeath 5 percent of their estates for their hometowns.


A Place to Lay Their Heads

Compassion International donors are inspired by the group’s pictures of where the children they serve sleep.

Chicago Prison Charity Dishes Out Life Lessons and Gourmet Food

Detainees at the Cook County Jail in Chicago get to learn culinary and life skills from Chef Bruno Abate through classes put on by his nonprofit.

Physicist From Humble Origins Showers Cash on Education

Mani Bhaumik suffered poverty in his native India before amassing a fortune in real estate and hobnobbing with the glitterati in Hollywood. After giving millions to charity, he’s now focused on connecting science and spirituality.

Silicon Valley’s Community Foundation Spread Its Wings to the East Coast

In a radical move, the organization — the nation’s largest community fund — defies the idea that such funds operate and raise money locally.

Young Leader Puts Passion for Cities to Work at Cleveland Foundation

Sylvia Pérez's work for the grant maker has included helping shape Cleveland officials' response to the police shooting of a 12-year-old African-American boy.

Nonprofits Saw Healthy Growth in the Past Decade

Despite the Great Recession, nonprofit wages and employment climbed during the past 10 years, according to the Urban Institute’s Nonprofit Almanac.


Opinion: Nonprofits Must Put Americans’ Needs Ahead of Their Institutions

The divisive election makes it urgent for nonprofits to boost social mobility for the neediest and strengthen the middle class.

Opinion: In the Trump Era, Nonprofits Need a New Social Contract With Foundations

The new reality confronting organizations that work for equity and social justice demands that grant makers think and act differently.

Opinion: Hoarding Endowments and Multiculturalism in the Arts Among Trump Targets

Colleges could lose federal aid if they don’t change their ways, and grant makers may get a new push to limit their lifespans.

Opinion: Election Day Message: Nonprofits Must Reach Out to Trump Voters

Communicating with authenticity, not arrogance, and listening to the concerns of rural, conservative America are essential for foundations and charities.

Opinion: New Realities for Philanthropy in the Trump Era

Grant makers have their work cut out for them: addressing the mistrust that many Americans have of the political and philanthropic elite.