May 2017

Volume 29, Issue 07

Cover Story

New Wave of Technology Helps Expand Power of Online Fundraising

Charities are stepping up efforts to help their supporters raise money from friends. While the amount of money raised is still relatively small, the tactics help nonprofits expand their web of connections to potential donors.

What Nonprofit Newsrooms Can Teach Charities About Online Engagement

ProPublica and the Texas Tribune offer practical lessons on building ties with an information-hungry audience.

In Building Movements, Don't Forget About Email

Facebook and Twitter are important, but the Women’s Marches and other activist campaigns prove that an older form of electronic technology still has power to motivate followers, says Brian Young of Action Network.

Free Tool Helps Nonprofits Draw More Social-Media Fans

Facebook’s CrowdTangle tracks the performance of all an organization’s social-media accounts, and savvy nonprofits can use the data to boost fundraising.

Opinion: Building Online Communities Is Key to the Future of Nonprofits

Connecting donors and beneficiaries online helps charities reach more people in need while forging stronger bonds with their supporters, says Katie Bisbee of


On Big Foundations' Boards, 'Coastal Elites' and Ivy Alumni Predominate

Trustee rosters at major grant makers sorely lack socioeconomic and geographic diversity, a Chronicle analysis shows. What does that mean for philanthropy?

Dominance of ‘Coastal Elite’ Extends to Foundations, Study Finds

Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders railed against the power of an entrenched leadership class. They didn’t target philanthropy, but they could have, based on our first-of-its-kind analysis of major grant makers' boards.

Inside Philanthropy’s Boardroom 'Bubble'

At the 20 wealthiest national foundations, which control $162 billion in assets, plenty of board members have degrees from top private universities, but only a handful live in rural or poor parts of the United States.

Progress Slow in Push for Racial and Gender Diversity on Foundation Boards

A Chronicle review of trustees at 20 major U.S. grant makers suggests considerable work lies ahead.

A Progressive Environmentalist Fires Back at Trump Populism

Foundation leader Farhad Ebrahimi is using his inherited wealth to bring the fight over climate change into the social-justice movement.


Donors Give More to Paid Fundraisers Than to Volunteers, Study Finds

People gave more often and in larger amounts when door-to-door fundraisers said they were being paid, according to new research.

Hollywood Producer Pursues ‘Focused and Specific’ Giving

Steve Tisch, whose film credits include Forrest Gump and Risky Business, learned his philanthropy from wealthy parents who stressed that the family’s status carried great responsibility to help others.

Nonprofit Rebuilds Lives by Tearing Down Old Houses

An enterprise of Baltimore charity Humanim, Details Deconstruction provides job skills and fair wages for people with histories of incarceration, addiction, and other problems and generates revenue for the parent organization's programs.

New Leader, New Era: Rockefeller Foundation Plots Its Course

Rajiv Shah sits down with The Chronicle for a wide-ranging discussion about his plans to focus on a few big bets, strengthen the grant maker’s partnerships, and work with the Trump administration.

Nonprofit Applies Behavioral Science to Nudge Giving

Ideas42 draws on cutting-edge research to help people make smarter choices in health, housing ... and now philanthropy.

Leader Works to Name — and Tame — Grant-Making Risks

Maya Winkelstein of the Open Road Alliance is on a mission to get foundations to talk with grantees about project pitfalls and how to avoid them.

How to Lead Your Team Through a Stressful Time

Experts advise facing sources of stress head on and communicating frequently with colleagues about how you plan to address them.

How Gift Agreements Can Safeguard Against Unmet Pledges

Tips for ensuring donors fulfill their gift commitments — and what to do if they don’t. 

11 Ways for Nonprofits to Build Ties With Lawmakers

Experts see this as one of the most basic kinds of advocacy. Here’s how to get started.


Opinion: How Philanthropy Can Fight a World of Alternative Facts

Encouraging scientists to become good storytellers and citizens and financing research on why people ignore facts are critical roles for foundations to play.

Opinion: Big Foundations, Step Up Giving to Black-Led Nonprofits

The centuries-long impact of racism and decades of neglect by philanthropy call for doubling down on aid to established organizations like the NAACP and new movements like Black Lives Matter.

Opinion: These Aren't Ronald Reagan’s Budget Cuts

When the Gipper planned to slash spending, he made a philosophical argument about the role of philanthropy. Unlike President Trump.

Letter: Limiting Charity Tax Breaks for Advocacy Would Hurt Everyone

Donors need freedom to support organizations that promote civic equality and challenge the status quo.