July 2017

Volume 29, Issue 09

Cover Story

Renovation Nation: How Three Nonprofits Rebooted and Sparked Growth

Inside the makeovers that helped 4-H, PEN America, and Mental Health America update their images, reach new audiences, and rev up fundraising.

4-H Shows How an Image Update Can Boost Support

Technology and testimonials from former members help the century-old organization showcase programs that resonate with modern kids and families.

Online Data and an Entrepreneurial Spirit Revive an Advocacy Nonprofit

Mental Health America has boosted its fundraising and reach by "functioning like a start-up," with streamlined decision-making and new digital tools.

PEN America Joins the Political Fray — and Finds New Audiences

Long considered a genteel citadel of the literary elite, the nonprofit has increased its revenue and membership while raising its voice on free expression, protection of journalists, and President Trump.


Soccer Program Helps Refugee Children Find Footing in America

Luma Mufleh felt moved to start coaching a ragtag group of kids she spotted playing barefoot in their strange new surroundings. What followed was an improbable journey to create something that could lift them to acceptance.

Nonprofits Strategies for Surviving Budget Cuts

As President Trump’s administration pushes for big reductions in federal spending, five charities tell how they learned to do more with less.

From Alaska to Florida: Top Donors From All 50 States

Who gives the most to charity in your state? The Chronicle scoured its databases to give you the answer. The list includes ranchers, media moguls, clothing makers, and, of course, tech wizards.

Donations Grew 1.4% to $390 Billion, Says ‘Giving USA’

Modest performance in key economic indicators, coupled with uncertainty over the nation’s political direction, seems to have led to sluggish growth in philanthropy last year.


Nonprofits Explore Georgetown University’s Painful Past

Researchers are helping hundreds of African-Americans find heretofore unknown relatives and come to grips with their ancestors’ suffering.

GoDaddy Couple’s Partnership Is a Tale of Tears, Tattoos, and Charity

Renee and Bob Parsons plan to rev up their giving to shed most of their $2.7 billion to help veterans, women, the underprivileged, and others.

How to Block Your Nonprofit’s Online Ads From Offensive Sites

Ensure your advertising doesn’t appear on websites that run counter to your mission or could blacken your brand.

9 Ways to Ensure Your Vacation Is Really Time Off From Work

Coordinating and communicating with donors and colleagues ahead of time is key to arranging a worry-free escape from the daily grind.

College Doubles Down on Phone-athons for $1 Billion Campaign

Fundraisers at William & Mary believe an old-fashioned technique will help them round up young donors and meet an ambitious goal.


Opinion: What ‘Giving USA’ Tells Us About Democracy in Philanthropy

The report shows megadonors are not as dominant in the nation’s giving patterns. That development has an upside, philanthropy historian Benjamin Soskis writes, but there’s still reason to worry about who can influence where charitable dollars are spent.

Opinion: 10 Ways Generous Donors Can Make Big Bets for Social Change

Paying general operating expenses, building knowledge, and financing advocacy campaigns are among the ways philanthropists can transform the world.

Opinion: A New Breed of Leader Is Driving Social Change

With open minds and coalition-building skills, "system entrepreneurs" can transform how philanthropy tackles the biggest social challenges.

For Jeff Bezos’s Philanthropic Focus, Readers Favor Long-Term Change

A roundup of your responses to our question on where the billionaire Amazon founder should focus his philanthropy following his request for advice on Twitter.

Opinion: Jeff Bezos, Here’s How to Focus on Both Today and Tomorrow

Pick a small number of causes that energize you, a longtime nonprofit leader advises the Amazon billionaire.