October 2017

Volume 29, Issue 12

Cover Story

How America Gives Special Report: Breaking the Charity Habit

Fewer people are donating, a Chronicle analysis finds, and the implications for philanthropy are profound.

Share of Americans Who Give to Charity Shrinks, Chronicle Data Shows

Only 24 percent of taxpayers who itemize made charitable gifts in 2015, down from 30 percent a decade earlier. Wealthy taxpayers are filling the gap, but experts still see reason to worry.

How The Chronicle Compiled the Data for How America Gives

The project analyzes the giving patterns of Americans with findings presented by state, county, and metropolitan area based on itemized tax-return data from the IRS.

Growing Wealth in San Jose Doesn’t Always Work Out Well for Charity

Smaller groups are often overlooked by Silicon Valley’s wealthy. A case study with data from The Chronicle’s special report "How America Gives."

Albany Charities Find It Hard to Tap Influx of Wealth

Nonprofits are looking at ways to get more from a broad spectrum of local donors. A case study with data from The Chronicle’s special report "How America Gives."

Milwaukee Mines 'Untapped Promise' of Big Donors to Close Funding Gap

How the city boosted giving by identifying donors who were "giving way under their capacity." A case study with data from The Chronicle’s special report "How America Gives."

A Look at Whether Your Area Should Be Giving More

See how much more nonprofits in your geographic area would raise if their donors gave at national averages.

Giving in the 50 Largest Metropolitan Areas

See the dollars donated — and the dollars that might have been donated — in America’s biggest cities.

The Secret Sauce That Spiced Up Middle-Class Giving in New Orleans

Contrary to national trends, middle income workers have become the backbone of giving in the Big Easy, according to a Chronicle data analysis. Locals explain what made it happen.

2 Tech Giants Put Money and Silicon Valley Ideas to Work to Boost Giving

The Gates Foundation and the family fund of former Microsoft executive Jeff Raikes are working on different ways to encourage Americans, especially the wealthy, to give more.


Prudential’s Charity Leader Feels Good About Focusing on the Bottom Line

Lata Reddy is upfront about tying its philanthropy to its business model. Is this the future of corporate giving?

Silicon Valley Success Stories Upend Traditional Fundraising

Top-flight universities and fast-growing pledge networks are winning over entrepreneurs, hoping for big gifts when start-ups strike it rich.


When the Person Is Rescued but Not the Wheelchair, a Nonprofit Steps In

A group called Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies seeks better planning for people with special mobility needs when weather events disrupt daily life.

Wealthy Young Donors Want to Give More Than Money

Unlike earlier generations, rich millennials and members of Generation X want to be deeply engaged with the charities they support.

A Native American Activist Who Tells It Like It Is to Grant Makers

Sarah Eagle Heart helps foundations learn more about Native American communities and their needs. She wishes philanthropy would work harder to learn about those tribes on its own.

Mobile Advocacy Campaigns: How One Nonprofit Texts to Connect With Donors

Food & Water Watch uses text messages to inspire supporters to call their legislators.


Opinion: Asking What’s Next and Encouraging Offbeat Ideas: Essential Ingredients for Innovation

Experimenting with new approaches to advance their missions requires nonprofits — and grant makers — to transform how they work.

Opinion: Want Better Advice for Donors? Build a Marketplace of Experts for Philanthropy

Foundations could take a page from the financial sector to help wealthy people make better informed giving decisions.

Opinion: A Cash Guarantee for All Has Philanthropy Buzzing

Excitement for universal basic-income plans is growing among tech philanthropists and politicians, but supporting it has risks for grant makers.