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July 1, 2020

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Volume 32, Issue 9

Cover Story

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    A Turning Point

    In a country suddenly riveted by issues of race, will nonprofits finally move forward on equity in the workplace, or will Covid and the economy derail their plans?



  • Editor's Notebook

    Editor’s Notebook: A Renewed Quest For Racial Equity

    Nonprofits and foundations are grappling with critical questions of diversity and racial equity. A look inside the Chronicle’s July 2020 issue.
  • Fundraising

    Stress Forces Fundraisers to Take New Approaches

    The recession, the health crisis, and the social-justice movement are all putting new pressure on development leaders, especially those whose nonprofits serve the neediest.
  • Giving USA

    How the 2.4% Gain in Giving Last Year Points to What Will Happen in 2020

    Giving was uneven last year, so some nonprofits — like those focused on education and the arts — had a big fundraising cushion before the pandemic hit. We show you how trends in 2019 point the way to what might happen by the end of 2020.
  • News

    Planned Giving Is Having a Moment

    Many fundraisers are hesitant to bring up planned giving during the pandemic, but experts say that might be a mistake. Some charities have seen a steep increase in bequest commitments and other legacy gifts.
  • Management and Leadership

    How to Run a Virtual Office, From Leaders Who Have Done It for Years

    The executive director of a global nonprofit and the CEO of a small business that serves charities talk about how they communicate, nurture a strong organizational culture, and more.


  • Opinion

    Coronavirus Diary: What Keeps a Disaster-Preparedness Leader Awake at Night

    Nicolette Louissaint is executive director of Healthcare Ready, a nonprofit that helps coordinate the efforts of health care companies, governments, and community organizations during disasters. She spoke to the Chronicle about disaster preparedness and what the last three months have taught her as a nonprofit leader.
  • Ask an Expert

    Capital Campaigns During a Crisis

    In this week’s edition of Ask an Expert, we answer questions about running capital campaigns during this time of great economic uncertainty.
  • The Face of Philanthropy

    Public-Philanthropic Effort Aims to Feed the Hungry, Put Restaurant Staff Back to Work

    The need for affordable food is increasing at the same time that an estimated 10 million cooks and other restaurant staff are out of work. One Fair Wage — a campaign advocating for a standard living wage for service workers, backed by the nonprofit Alliance for a Just Society — saw untapped…


  • Opinion

    In Twin Crises, Philanthropy’s Test Is All About Power

    As foundations figure out how to respond to the pandemic and racial inequality, they will be graded not just by how much they give but also how much they give up their resources and decision-making authority.
  • Opinion

    Black Lives Matter: From Protests to Lasting Change

    Black Lives Matter shares traits with other successful social movements of our time, most notably efforts to gain support for same-sex marriage, writes a scholar of nonprofit advocacy.
  • Opinion

    The Race Gap: Opportunities to Lead Nonprofits Are Still Unequal

    Many nonprofits are adding diversity training and putting it in their mission statements, but that doesn’t mean people of color are getting the jobs they qualify for, say the authors of a new study of 5,000 nonprofit professionals.
  • Opinion

    Should Foundations Give Now or Later? There Is No Right Answer

    When the Ford Foundation and four other philanthropies joined forces last week to pledge to distribute more to nonprofits hurt by the Covid recession, they sent a message to other grant makers. But different missions require different approaches.