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Nov. 1, 2020

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Volume 33, Issue 1

Cover Story

  • Fundraising

    Fundraising in Uncertain Times

    Giving was strong the first half of the year at the country’s biggest nonprofits, according to a Chronicle spot check. But fundraisers are worried about 2021.


  • Survey

    How Big Charities Are Faring in Their Fundraising Amid Covid

    Our survey of the most successful fundraising organizations in the country shows how they have fared during the first two quarters of the year.
  • Fundraising

    Virtual Events Have Gotten Mixed Results

    Some nonprofits have used digital gatherings to win donations and attract new supporters. Others, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, say the benefits don’t justify the time and work involved.
  • Fundraising

    Fundraising Strategies Are Shifting

    Nonprofits are focusing on existing donors, and with hiring freezes in place, a growing number are outsourcing more development tasks.



  • Finance and Revenue

    Nonprofits Should Address Real-Estate Expenses Now, Experts Say

    Nonprofits across the country are finding ways to save significant sums of money on their real estate expenses amid the economic upheaval. Some are negotiating early terminations or subleases; other more creative solutions are options, too.
  • The Face of Philanthropy

    A Nobel Prize Winner’s Quest to End Global Hunger

    Covid-19 has made it harder than ever for the World Food Program to achieve its mission of ending starvation around the world. But it hopes a new accolade will spur private donors and governments to move fast to supply funding needed to prevent mass starvation.
  • Fundraising Tips

    Major-Gift Fundraising During Crisis: Tips From Experts

    Tactics and advice from veteran fundraisers to help you stay in touch with big donors, bring them closer to your cause, and boost results over the long term.