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Dec. 1, 2020

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Volume 33, Issue 2




  • Major Donors

    Wealthy Donors Make Big Gifts to Racial-Justice and Diversity Efforts

    So far this year, rich donors have given at least $208.3 million to such efforts. The number of large gifts far exceeds previous years.
  • Civil Discourse

    The Search for Common Ground

    Conservative and liberal foundations are putting money into a cadre of nonprofits working to help Americans find common ground on political and public policy matters.



  • Opinion

    How Philanthropy Can Save Local News — and Our Communities

    The demise of local news organizations is sabotaging nearly every mission foundations and donors care about. Foundations can lead the way in ensuring businesses, government, and small donors contribute to the reinvention of the news industry so it truly serves our democracy.
  • Opinion

    Can Philanthropy Make Itself Compatible With Democracy?

    The new presidential administration will be much more open to the progressive goals shared by much of the philanthropic world. One of those goals should be eliminating its own democratic deficiencies, says the author of a major new book on philanthropy.