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February 2022

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Volume 34, Issue 4

Cover Story

  • Philanthropy 50

    Our Annual Philanthropy 50: Top Donors Returned to Pre-Pandemic Causes in 2021

    Despite the continuing Covid threat and racial-justice problems, the nation’s wealthiest donors have largely returned to old standbys — handing out big sums to universities, medicine, and their own foundations. But there are exceptions and some interesting new faces.



  • Divided Country

    Donations in the Balance: Fundraising in the Age of Polarization

    This week we are featuring articles from our recent archive on issues that are of special interest to our readers. Nonprofits and their advancement teams are under fire on political and social issues, with supporters using contributions to try to force change.
  • Corporate Influence

    How Nonprofits Helped Fuel the Opioid Crisis

    Opioid manufacturers donated tens of millions of dollars to patient-advocacy and physicians’ groups. Those organizations downplayed addiction risks and helped create a massive market for deadly pain killers.