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May 2022

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Volume 34, Issue 7

Cover Story


    Are Foundations’ Doors Opening?

    At the start of the pandemic, many foundations loosened grant requirements and vowed to give more to grassroots groups, especially those led by people of color. Two years later, it’s uncertain what will stick.





  • Opinion: In Case You Missed It

    Philanthropy Needs to Own Up to Its Role in Fueling Polarization

    This week we are featuring articles from our recent archive on issues that are of special interest to our readers. To effectively address the toxic divisions that are stifling social change, grant makers and the nonprofits they support must acknowledge how their attitudes toward so-called opponents are contributing to the problem — and start listening to those with different perspectives.
  • Opinion

    Foundation Demands for Expensive Reporting From Grantees Means Long-Neglected Groups Are Still Left Out

    Most community-based groups led by people of color lack the resources to provide in-depth data about the success of their programs, placing them far behind in competing for grants. If donors truly want to cede more power to these organizations, they need to consider less costly approaches to determining effectiveness.