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Small, altruistic businesses have had their ads taken off Facebook during the social-media giant’s blackout period for political advertising. To stem the tide of misinformation that has swamped voters, Facebook banned ads addressing “social issues, elections, or politics” in the run-up to the presidential election and during the ballot-counting period afterward. But caught up in the ban have been companies that employ homeless youths, donate to refugee-resettlement efforts here or orphanages abroad, or work to eliminate single-use plastic. Unless extended, the blackout will run until mid-December, hitting some companies’ crucial holiday shopping period. Companies can appeal the ban. (New York Times)

The foundation established by the owner of Washington, D.C.'s NFL team has withered amid dwindling donations and sexual-harassment claims. Daniel Snyder set up the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation in 2014 amid pressure to change the name of his football team, which made the inaugural $5 million donation. In the intervening years, as Snyder has removed “Redskins” from the team’s and foundation’s names and public pressure has eased, donations to and gifts from the foundation have wound down. Also during that time, one now-former employee accused the organization’s executive director of sexual harassment. The team settled with the woman, who signed a nondisclosure agreement, but her complaint has been corroborated by another former employee. The most the foundation donated to Native American tribes was $3.7 million in its first year. (Washington Post)

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