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March 19, 2021

Subject: Rockefeller Foundation Hires Trump Whistle-Blower to Lead Pandemic Prevention

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A straw poll of museum directors has revealed a nearly even industry split over the practice of selling artworks to pay the bills. In a recent informal sounding, members of the Association of Art Museum Directors voted 91-88 against making permanent a temporary loosening of the rules against "deaccessioning" for operating expenses. Normally, the association allows such sales only to raise funds to buy other works, but it has lifted that stricture during the pandemic. Supporters of the change say it's unrealistic to always expect museum boards to come up with major infusions of cash. One prominent critic said he supports the practice to reshape collections, but for other purposes, it could become addictive like "crack cocaine." (New York Times)

A handful of philanthropies were responsible for more than three-quarters of the $1.4 billion that foundations gave away in Covid relief in the first nine months of 2020. The top five givers were the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation ($215.51 million), Lilly Endowment ($130.9 million), Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ($122.47 million), Bloomberg Philanthropies ($111.3 million), and Michael & Susan Dell Foundation ($100 million), according to researchers at Pennsylvania State University and the University of British Columbia, who used data from the research organization Candid. Embedded in this giving were clear inequities: Cities received the lion's share of funding, even when compared with larger rural swathes with equivalent population numbers, and many foundations' focus on helping their nearby communities means other regions can be overlooked. (Conversation)

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