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From: Chronicle of Philanthropy

Subject: Houston Ballet’s Charity Ball Offers a Blueprint for Pandemic-Era Hybrid Events

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For food banks, the pandemic was an emergency on top of a crisis, and as it recedes they are taking aim at the roots of hunger in America. Researchers and activists note that a stopgap system has been in place for decades, yet more than 10 percent of people still do not have enough to eat. “This is no longer an emergency because it’s a chronic need,” said an executive with WhyHunger. Their prescription: permanently broadening eligibility and hiking benefits for government nutrition programs, including SNAP, WIC, and school and summertime meals; supporting campaigns for a living wage — from some of the same corporations that donate to food banks but provide scant benefits to workers; and acting as a link between their clients and employment, training, and education opportunities. Many of these changes would also chip away at racial inequities, considering that minorities are more likely to face chronic food insecurity. (Counter)

Plus: Feeding the Hungry, One Wholesome Meal at a Time (New York Times)

Conservatives are mustering for a battle to take over the Southern Baptist Convention at its annual meeting this week. Arguing that the denomination has drifted too far left, organizers are working the phones, holding conferences, and reaching out to churches to boost attendance at the Nashville gathering, where delegates will elect the SBC’s new president. The convention happens as the overwhelmingly white, male-led denomination is riven over how to deal with sexual abuse allegations at some of its churches as well as some pastors’ embrace of the racial-justice movement and willingness to give women a larger role in leading worship. The SBC has been losing members for years, and however this year’s convention plays out, it could be headed for a deeper split. (New York Times)

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