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From: Chronicle of Philanthropy

Subject: Children’s Museum’s Partnership With Local School District Brings in Revenue — and New Ideas

Children’s Museum of Fond Du Lac

Children’s Museum’s Partnership With Local School District Brings in Revenue — and New Ideas

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Nonprofit News From Elsewhere

A decision by the MacArthur Foundation to stop funding arms-control think tanks and nonprofits in the next few years has thrown some of its beneficiaries into an existential crisis. Experts say the nuclear threat is greater now than in years, but MacArthur said it could not foresee achieving its ultimate goal of “halting the production of new bomb material” any time soon. Some groups get a big chunk of their budgets from the foundation, including Harvard’s Project on Managing the Atom, which receives more than half of its funding from MacArthur and whose director said MacArthur provides “something like 40 to 55 percent” of “nongovernment funding worldwide on nuclear policy.” Among other beneficiaries of the foundation’s 231 grants since 2015 to address “nuclear challenges,” totaling more than $100 million, are the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The foundation will hand out its “capstone” grants on arms control in 2023. (Politico)

Though tensions were building before the pandemic, last year’s massive layoffs fueled a drive among museum staff to unionize. Employees at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, for example, weathered furloughs and firings that affected more than 400 positions, but all the while, one employee said, “We didn’t have a voice.” Bigger-picture, the new union workers in this notoriously low-paying field want wage hikes, but they also “want their workplaces to share their values and view collective bargaining agreements as bound up with the broader effort to make museums more egalitarian.” One union leader said she had expected organizing to plummet during the pandemic, but the opposite happened. Among the museums where staff have unionized in the past year are the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Minneapolis’s Walker Art Center, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. (Boston Globe)

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