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Culture, Equity, and the Challenges of Leadership: Hot Topics on Our Opinion Pages

Opinion: Why I Regret Pushing Strategic Philanthropy

Throughout the past year, The Chronicle’s opinion pages were filled with people in and out of philanthropy discussing the role of nonprofits and foundations in an election year, including a call by George Mason University scholar Alan Abramson to give nonprofits a seat at the White House table.

Concerns philanthropy will need to address as Donald Trump takes the White House in 2017 were already clear in some of the pieces we published well before November 8 — including a column by Bruce Karmazin of the Lumpkin Family Foundation calling on grant makers to adopt a strong rural strategy and a plea by James Canales of the Barr Foundation and Kate Wolford of the McKnight Foundation for philanthropy to give more attention to local efforts to fight climate change.

But many of our most popular opinion articles explored ways our contributors believe foundations, donors, and nonprofits need to change, including a piece from Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman urging organizations to build healthier and happier cultures to nurture their employees.

And our best-read opinion article was a mea culpa from Hal Harvey, an early cheerleader for strategic philanthropy, who took to our pages to explain his regrets about the movement he helped create.

Among the other notable pieces we published in the past year: