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Inspiring and Guiding Leaders Working on Social-Change Movements


In every corner of the globe, young social-purpose leaders are putting their talents and passion to work to change the world. No matter what cause inspires them, these innovative leaders are blending new tools and approaches with time-tested ways of making a difference. But change won’t happen as fast as today’s challenges demand unless we all learn from one another about what it takes to succeed.

In these pages, we share real-world stories of people who have helped to transform their communities. We hope their stories will spark similarly successful efforts by showing how professional development, smart leadership, grant making, and policy expertise can work together to achieve more lasting impact.

As leaders, grant makers, and a community of people committed to advancing the common good, we all have essential roles to play in increasing the impact of a new generation. Find more advice and insights — and share your own — by visiting, a platform sponsored by American Express.

A version of this article appeared in the Jan. 22, 2015 issue.