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Let’s End the Foundation-Nonprofit Power Imbalance and Get More Done

In Unicorns Unite, a book published this week by Red Press, three prominent nonprofit leaders offer advice on how foundations and nonprofits can better collaborate to solve big problems and create social change. Below, two of the authors — one a foundation leader and the other a nonprofit executive — offer a challenge to their colleagues on why now is the time to promote equality, trust, and creativity between grant makers and nonprofits.

  • Opinion

    A Grant Maker’s View: Money Doesn’t Make Us More Powerful — or Smarter

    I’m tired of apologizing for philanthropy. For our inconsiderate behavior. For our inefficient timelines. For our opaque communication (or entire lack of communication). For our ego-driven fragmentation. And for so much more. The nonprofit world that we are part of has boundless untapped potential…
  • Opinion

    A Nonprofit’s View: It Takes a Lot More Than Money to Change the World

    I’m tired of nonprofits being in service to and subservient to philanthropy. I’m weary and beaten down by the business-as-usual practices in the nonprofit world — it’s working for exactly no one. Not the communities and missions we serve, our nonprofit organizations, or our colleagues at…