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Tomorrow’s Donors

Tomorrow’s Donors Section Feature

The giving landscape is changing rapidly as young people mature and the population gets more diverse. Explore the stories and data below to learn what charities need to do now to flourish later.

  • Tomorrow's Donors

    Raising Money in a Changing World

    As the American population undergoes dramatic demographic shifts, charities will have to learn more about burgeoning minority groups to survive.
  • Tomorrow's Donors

    Growing Up to Give

    People in their 20s and 30s already donate a third of the money raised by charities, and nonprofits that engage them now will reap the rewards later.
  • Tomorrow's Donors

    Want Unrestricted Gifts? Ask Older Donors

    People in their 70s and older like to work out their donations by meeting in person with fundraisers, but technology can still be a means of building relationships.
  • Tomorrow's Donors

    Blacks Build Ties Through Giving Circles

    Groups of African-Americans pool their money and research worthy grass-roots charities that sometimes end up getting the attention of community foundations.
  • Tomorrow's Donors

    Many Ways to Tap Into Hispanic Generosity

    Hispanics have a tradition of helping each other financially, but organized philanthropy is new to them.
  • Tomorrow's Donors

    Bright Prospects for Asian-American Giving

    Many more young Asians have white-collar jobs than their parents, but those who have assimilated may need to be encouraged to develop a stronger interest in their backgrounds.
  • Tomorrow's Donors

    Women Take an Activist Path to Philanthropy

    They want a depth of knowledge before donating, but they recoil at pressure tactics.
  • Tomorrow's Donors

    Pitching Causes to Secular Supporters

    Donors without religious ties, a fast-growing part of the population, don’t like preachiness or feeling manipulated.
  • Tomorrow's Donors

    Emerging Data on How Gays Give

    Some gay and lesbian donors want to know that the institutions that slighted them in the past will make amends.