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Michael G. Riley | Bio
CEO and Editor in Chief

Stacy Palmer | Bio |  Twitter

Dan Parks  | BioTwitter
Managing Editor

Heather Joslyn | BioTwitter
Assistant Managing Editor

Cody Switzer | BioTwitter
Assistant Managing Editor and Director of Digital Products


Alex Daniels  | BioTwitter
Staff Writer

Marilyn Dickey | Bio 
Senior Editor, Copy

Maria DiMento | BioTwitter
Staff Writer

Margie Fleming Glennon | Bio | Twitter
Senior Editor for Online Learning

Rebecca Koenig | BioTwitter
Staff Writer

Drew Lindsay | BioTwitter
Senior Editor

Andy Markowitz | BioTwitter
Associate Editor

Megan O'Neil | BioTwitter
News Editor

Timothy Sandoval | BioTwitter
Staff Writer

Nidhi Singh | Bio | Twitter
Web Producer

Eden Stiffman | BioTwitter
Staff Writer

Nicole Wallace | BioTwitter
Senior Editor


Ron Coddington | Bio
Editor (Visuals)

Scott Seymour | Bio
Senior Art Director

Sue LaLumia | Bio
Art Director

Jasmine Stewart | Bio
Production Manager

Janeen Jones | Bio 
News Designer

Julia Schmalz | Bio 
Senior Multimedia Producer

Rose Engelland
Photography Editor

Erica Lusk  | Bio
Photo & Video Editor

Data and Interactives

Joshua Hatch | Bio
Senior Editor

Benjamin Myers | Bio
Data Developer

Brian O'Leary | Bio
News Designer

Peter Olsen-Phillips | Bio
Data Reporter

Dan Bauman | Bio
Data Reporter 

Tyler Davis
Data Reporter 

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