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About the Chronicle of Philanthropy

For nearly 35 years, the Chronicle of Philanthropy has been the premier source of news, information, analysis, and opinion in the rapidly growing nonprofit world. Nearly 350,000 nonprofit professionals, foundation executives, board members, fundraisers, donors, and others working to advance the common good rely on it to stay informed, learn, and broaden their perspective.

Now an independent nonprofit, the Chronicle is innovating and growing as it shines a spotlight on one of the most under-covered but crucial areas of American life.

The Chronicle’s special reports, popular webinars, and free briefings provide indispensable information from top nonprofit experts. Our surveys offer valuable benchmarking data, such as our exclusive poll on how fundraisers view their careers. The annual Philanthropy 50 report on the nation’s top donors is a must-read for fundraisers and charity executives alike. And our opinion section fuels the national conversation with ideas from a wide range of thinkers that include leading nonprofit and foundation executives as well as others who have fresh and innovative ideas.

And now, our latest offering, The Commons, is a major effort to explore how America’s nonprofits and foundations are working to heal the nation’s divides. The Commons has its own dedicated section on our website as well as a weekly newsletter that you can get by subscribing to Philanthropy Today.

Our email newsletters bring the Chronicle’s offerings to your inbox. Philanthropy Today (which includes Philanthropy Today — The Commons Weekly) and Philanthropy This Week keep readers up-to-date on the latest news and more. Fundraising Update is tailor-made for people looking for the latest ideas and case studies for attracting donations and grants. And our subscriber-only newsletters offer more insights: Nonprofit Adviser is chockful of how-to’s and problem-solving ideas. And Chronicle Insider gives subscribers a peek at our new issues each month.

The Chronicle also works to help the public better understand the contributions nonprofits and foundations make to society. Its partnership with the Associated Press and the Conversation spread our own content to a wider audience. And our fellowships are helping other media organizations learn more about the nonprofit world and how to report valuable in-depth articles about issues of importance to their readers. Read about the Lilly grant that is making this possible.

And now, with more than three decades as a for-profit media company reporting on the nonprofit world, the Chronicle transitioned to nonprofit status in April 2023.

Read more about our ambitious plans and our gifts and grants.

And read about our mission and values.

Plus, see our application for tax-exempt status, our most recent 990 informational form and financial statement and our conflict-of-interest policy for board members and senior staff members.

For information on pitching an article or opinion piece or sending us a letter to the editor — and to see our staff list — go to our Contact Us page.

Here’s who’s on our governing board:

Board of Directors

  • Trabian Shorters, board chair: CEO and founder of BMe Community
  • Amanda Barrett, secretary: vice president of standards and inclusion at the Associated Press
  • Anna Nirmala, treasurer: consultant to entrepreneurial news efforts around the country
  • Alejandro Aguirre: cyber security, cyber intelligence, and business consultant; former publisher of Diario Las Américas
  • Ana Marie Argilagos: president and CEO of Hispanics in Philanthropy
  • Pamela Gwaltney: chair of the Chronicle of Higher Education Inc.’s Board of Directors
  • Rose Chan Loui: director of UCLA Law School’s Program on Philanthropy and Nonprofits
  • Jesse Miller: senior people business partner at Relay Therapeutics
  • Michael Riley: president and editor-in-chief of the Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Jason Seifer: chief financial officer at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
  • John Wood Jr.: national leader for Braver Angels

About the Chronicle’s Philanthropic Support

The Chronicle of Philanthropy receives support from several foundations to fund some of its journalism.

The Lilly Endowment has provided more than $2 million over three years to the Chronicle as part of a partnership with the Associated Press and the Conversation to help the public better understand philanthropy. Those funds support multiple Chronicle reporters and editors and a fellowship program that helps other news organizations learn how to do more sophisticated and sustained coverage of the nonprofit world.

The Hewlett Foundation is providing annual general-operating support of $200,000, and the Chronicle has chosen to use it to support editors and designers involved in presenting opinion essays from contributors and to start a fellowship to train people early in their careers to commission and edit opinion articles.

Grant makers are not involved in and do not influence our coverage in any way.

For all grant-funded work, Chronicle reporters and editors determine themes and approaches. None of our benefactors know before publication what topics and angles we are pursuing, and our journalists do not base any decision about what to cover on our support from grant makers.

In addition to those grants, several foundations are supporting our growth as a nonprofit entity: the Ford, Heinz, Hewlett, Hilton, MacArthur, Mott, Open Society, and Walton foundations. We follow the same practices with these grant makers as we do with the philanthropies that support our journalism.