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Advertise: Recruitment Issue Dates and Deadlines

For print: Published 12 times a year, The Chronicle of Philanthropy has been regarded as the most reliable source on nonprofit news. Below are the issue dates and deadlines for recruitment advertising. To appear in print in the issue you want, just submit your ad by the published deadline. Showcase your open position and employer brand through The Chronicle’s print publication.

For the Web: All ads submitted via this Web site after 2:30 p.m. Eastern time will appear online the next business day. All ads on run online for 30 calendar days. Place your open position through our powerful online platform to reach top talent instantly.

Download Special Issue 2024 Calendar

Issue Date Deadline
January 17 December 20 (Wed)
February 6 January 17 (Wed)
March 5 February 14 (Wed)
April 2 March 13 (Wed)
May 7 April 17 (Wed)
May 28 May 8 (Wed)
July 9 June 20 (Wed)
August 6 July 17 (Wed)
September 10 August 14 (Wed)
October 8 September 18 (Wed)
November 5 October 16 (Wed)
December 10 November 15 (Wed)

* We do not hold space. All materials, including artwork, must be submitted by the deadline date.
** Deadline is 2:30 p.m. Eastern time