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Subscription and Account Information

Learn more about Philanthropy subscriptions and accounts by visiting our FAQ page.

If you have questions about your Philanthropy subscription, email us or call 800-728-2819 for further assistance.

For nonsubscriber account questions, email us or call 202-466-1032.

For information about or questions regarding your institution’s site license subscription, please email us at

How to Pitch a Story to Us

The Chronicle of Philanthropy welcomes news pitches that pertain to nonprofit organizations and foundations, but in a typical week, our reporting staff receives hundreds of them. Here are a few things to know about contacting us.

Sending Your Pitch

The best ways to determine where to send your pitch:

  • Subscribe to our Philanthropy Today newsletter, so you can get a sense of who’s covering what.
  • Refer to the contact information at the bottom of this page to find a list of our reporters.
  • Unless something is urgent, breaking news, we prefer email to telephone.
  • Send pitches to either one reporter or one editor or, if you’re not sure, copy no more than two staff members on one message. Sending separate emails to multiple people or bcc’ing our staff can lead to confusion and will likely delay our response.
  • Use your email’s subject line to state your purpose: “Story idea about a successful billion-dollar capital campaign,” for instance. Avoid being cute (“You’ll never guess what WE did!”) or vague (“Press release from Such-and-Such Organization”). We’re eager to hear your news, but we’re pressed for time, and these types of subject lines make it more likely your pitch will be deleted without being opened.

Kinds of News Stories We Prefer

  • We’re writing for a national audience, so if you have a compelling local story, it should also be relevant to nonprofit practitioners across the country.
  • If we’ve just written about a similar development at a different organization, we probably won’t cover it again soon.
  • We like: stories about best or innovative practices in fundraising and managing organizations. Profiles of interesting (and especially effective but lesser-known) charity leaders, fundraisers, and donors. New trends in giving or fundraising. Anything that our readers can learn from and adapt to make them more effective.
  • We usually don’t cover: galas, celebrity events, groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings, gifts of less than $1 million unless they are out of the ordinary.

Special Submissions, Surveys, and Visits

  • We maintain a database of gift and grant announcements, some of which we run online each week, as well as a column about job changes, retirements, and obituaries of people in the nonprofit world. Send grant announcements (of $1 million or more) to, announcements of gifts from individuals (of $1 million and up) to, and personnel changes to We include only a small selection of grants, gifts, and people news online each week. Please do not call to see when your item is running or if we received it.
  • If you have questions or comments about our surveys, email us at
  • If a nonprofit leader will be in Washington and would like to visit our office, email a member of our editorial staff listed below. We try to accommodate such visits whenever possible.

Opinion Pieces and Letters to the Editor

The Chronicle’s Opinion section is designed to spark robust debate about all aspects of the nonprofit world. We welcome submissions that provide new insights and promote innovative thinking about leadership, fundraising, grant-making policy, and more.

We welcome submissions from people within and outside of the nonprofit world, and we especially appreciate articles about timely topics. Most of the pieces we publish are about 1,000 to 1,200 words, but we are willing to review articles that are somewhat longer.

A few tips to improve your chances of getting the piece accepted:

  • Provide backup to show that your article is based on solid facts, including relevant links to research or other articles that support your argument.
  • Avoid using the op-ed primarily to promote your organization. If the piece focuses on lessons your organization has learned from a program or strategy, also include examples or research from other groups to back up your points and broaden the op-ed’s appeal to a cross section of readers.
  • Avoid jargon that may be part of everyday conversation in your field but could be unfamiliar or confusing to a larger audience.
  • Phrase your arguments as provocatively as you can. Our goal is to encourage lively discussion and question conventional wisdom, as appropriate.

You may submit a finished article or make a pitch by email first.
If you are submitting an article, please do so by email, either with an attached Word document or in the body of the email. Include a short pitch explaining its key points. All submissions must be exclusive to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. We will let you know, typically within a week, if we will run your piece. Please send your submission to

All pieces accepted will be edited, and authors will have a chance to review the changes before they appear on our website. Select articles published online also appear in our monthly print edition.

We also welcome letters to the editor. Send them to


Founder Corbin Gwaltney (1966-2019)
Chair Pamela Gwaltney
President & Editor in Chief Michael G. Riley
Editor Stacy Palmer
Chief Revenue Officer, Chronicle of Philanthropy Rodney Mahone

Features Editor Nicole Wallace
Director, Learning and Editorial Products Margie Fleming Glennon
Senior Editor, Partnerships Sundra Hominik
Senior Editor, Copy Marilyn Dickey
Senior Editor, Opinion Amy Saltzman
Senior Editor, Advice Lisa Schohl
Senior Editor, Fundraising Rasheeda Childress
Senior Editor, Webinars Tara Bracco
Senior Writers Drew Lindsay, Sono Motoyama, Jim Rendon, Eden Stiffman
Senior Reporters Alex Daniels, Emily Haynes, Maria Di Mento
Staff Writers Kay Dervishi, Sara Herschander
Database Reporter Yesica Balderrama
Editorial Events Manager Kyle Johnson

Editor, Visuals and Data Ron Coddington
Senior Art Director Scott Seymour
Art Director Sue LaLumia
Senior Photo and Media Editor Erica Lusk
Photo and Media Editor Michael Theis
Senior Web Producer Carmen Mendoza
Print Publications Manager Ralph Gioseffi

Director, Audience and Digital Platforms Joshua Hatch
Interactive News Editor Brian O’Leary
Analytics Editor Andrew Otis
Engagement Producer Claire Wallace

Chief Revenue Officer, Chronicle of Higher Education Simran Bhuller
Chief Financial Officer William J. Peyser
Chief Human Resources Officer Angela DeLeon
Chief Technology Officer Chris Contakes

Sales and Marketing

Managing Director, Universities & Corps. Chris Leighton
Senior Director, Products David Spindler
Directors Joe Avison (London), Erica Bergin (Sales), Christopher Leighton (San Francisco)
Associate Director, University and Corporate Relations Clint Tanner
Associate Directors, University Relations Clifford Adams, Hubert Telesford
Director, Career Services Lynn Freeman
Associate Director, Recruitment Nicole Klohmann
Relationship Managers, Recruitment Rick Plotkin, Charles Rodgers
Senior Advertising Sales Associate Jennifer Williams
Sales Planner Jonathan Kaae
Business Development Representative Tiani McCarthy

Director, Digital Products and Operations Cale Gosnell
Associate Director, Advertising Operations Paul Repola
Audience Engagement Manager Elyssa Fernandes
Advertising Operations Lead Mina Ayazi
Advertising Operations Associate Maria Hilario
Product Specialist Charlie Burgess

Associate Publisher, Content Revenue Amy Long
Directors Nick DeSantis (Marketing), Ray Farmer (Institutional Sales and Engagement)
Customer Service Manager Kasandra Malone
Engagement Manager Rosemarie O’Connor
Manager, Educational Programs Madison Musgrave
Marketing Manager Dominique Escalera
Junior Account Manager Kelly Thomsen
Senior Marketing Specialist Therese Baker
Marketing Specialist Awais Farooq
Senior Customer Service Associate Avery Najarian
Customer Service Associate Tasha Bland

Managing Director, Marketing Nick Findlay
Directors Cynthia Cortes (Creative Services), Shawn Fegley (Market Research)
Associate Director Gwendolyn Lefevre (Marketing Operations), Maureen Ryan (Strategic Communications)
Senior Marketing Managers Candice Hicks (Events), Brie Morrow (Demand Generation)
Senior Designer Catrell Thomas
Senior Digital Designer & Developer Hanad Ali
Senior Graphic Designer Minji Kim
Senior Campaign Operations Specialist Sarah Leahy
Research Specialist Jessica Hopp
Marketing Operations Analyst Farid Freyha

Director of Marketing and Client Services Kate Malone
Senior Account and Marketing Manager Kassandra Schmitt
Manager, Account and Marketing Sally Holland
Senior Marketing Specialists Zachary Giampetroni, Jennifer Rodriguez, Lawrence Williams
Marketing Specialists Emma Campbell, Sam Moore

Director, Data & Analytics Brian Hartman
Director, Digital Analytics & Business Intelligence Matthew Bassow
Data Analyst Rijaa Shoukat

Human Resources and Administration

Chief Human Resources Officer Angela DeLeon
Human Resources Director, Operations & Analytics John Offman
Manager, Learning & Development Claudia Trapp
Human Resources Business Partner & Recruiter Kira Schoeffield
Senior Human Resources Associate Christopher Lawson
Senior Facilities & Office Manager Tim Bloomquist
Facilities Specialist Eric Norris

Finance and Accounting

Chief Financial Officer William J. Peyser
Director of Accounting Samuel Eziemefe
Senior Managers Mitchell Londres (Accounting), Anne St. Vil (Payroll)
Senior Accounting Associates Bonnie Gaskins, Harry Kang
Accounting Associates Nicholas Jackson, Hannah Lee
Accounting Assistant Alily Puzon


Chief Technology Officer Chris Contakes
Managing Director, Product and Platform Engineering Sylvain Nazef
Senior Director Valerie Katircioglu (Business Solutions)
Directors Greg Channel (Product Engineering), Steve Smith (Publishing Systems), Marcy Walker (User Experience)
Principal Business Systems Analyst Betsy Barefoot
Senior Managers Kristopher Doyen (Platform Engineering), Matthew Good (Product Engineering)
Managers Kristine Afroilan (Quality Assurance), Matt Lyndaker (Development Operations), Kenneth Moir (Network), Tara Noel (Business Solutions), Heather Williams (Platform Product)
Principle Agile Project Lead Jennifer Knauff
Principle Software Engineer Adrian Padilla
Platform Product Owner Brian Brandares-Clark
Business Solutions Administrator and Data Analyst Kristie Pomata
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer Aksiniia Ielchaninova
User Experience Designer Tori Riemersma
Front-End Developer Michael Seman
Specialists Jacques A. Benovil (Senior Helpdesk), Marvin Gonzalez (Tier 2 Helpdesk)

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