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Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission

The Chronicle of Philanthropy empowers philanthropy, nonprofit professionals, and everyone seeking to make meaningful change by providing insightful and valuable information and resources.

We have two fundamental objectives:

  • We aim to strengthen the philanthropic and nonprofit world by connecting it with accurate and relevant information; by providing tools and resources to help professionals grow and succeed; by surfacing innovative and creative ideas to help the field do better; and by holding philanthropy accountable for its actions.
  • We aim to broaden and deepen public understanding of philanthropy and nonprofits by explaining the essential role this $6 trillion sector plays in our everyday lives, by telling stories about philanthropy’s successes and failures in tackling society’s challenges, and by inspiring individuals to join in strengthening their communities and world.

Our Vision

We seek to build a vibrant nonprofit sector embraced by the public, with resources mobilized at scale to effectively solve problems, promote thriving communities, and address society’s greatest challenges.

Our Values

We are committed to seven key values throughout everything we do:

Rigor: We are dedicated to factual reporting and providing valuable news, insights and professional development with commitment and integrity. We aim to earn trust in our impartiality, independence, and relevance through the actions and judgment of every member of our team.

Pluralism: We seek a diverse range of voices and opinions from the nonprofit and foundation worlds, including people of all races, ethnicities, abilities, sexual identities, ideologies, socioeconomic groups, and ages. We encourage our staff members to bring their own identities and perspectives to the work we do every day.

Independence: Courage and open-minded inquiry are at the heart of our journalism. We commit to disclosing sources of our funding and following a code of ethics that ensures our philanthropic grants and corporate advertising don’t influence our journalism and information services. We believe that an independent and free press is essential to a healthy democracy.

Accountability: We embrace candor and transparency in our journalism and throughout our operations as an organization. We respond to concerns about accuracy and bias promptly, fully, and prominently.

Collaboration: Because we aim to cover a vast part of civic life, we build partnerships with local journalists, the national media, and other organizations. We know working with other organizations extends the reach of our work and influence and partnerships are key to our sustainability.

Ambition: We pledge to learn from our audiences how we can better serve them and use those findings to chart our course for growth.

Sustainability: We are bold and entrepreneurial and know that our impact and ability to achieve our mission depends on expanding our earned and philanthropic revenue. Everyone in the organization plays a part in ensuring our growth.