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Online Events

Sign up for an upcoming online forum — or watch past events on demand — to hear lively discussion of issues that matter to executives, fundraisers, and other nonprofit professionals. Our expert guests offer sound advice on a variety of topics to help you solve challenges and stay on top of trends.

  • How to Use Data to Hit Organizational Goals and Foster Growth

    Savvy leaders understand data is both an asset and a tool, and they know data-driven decision making can help organizations expand to help more people, attract greater support, and operate more efficiently. In this session, nonprofit executives who are harnessing data to hit short and long-term strategic goals explain how they do it, and how they use data to decide how to expend limited resources.
  • Putting AI to Work at Nonprofits

    Some nonprofits are already harnessing A.I. to streamline operations, use data for better decision making, and lighten workloads, so people can focus more on strategy and less on busy work. Tune it to learn how the technology is helping some leaders hit goals and meet their missions.
  • Smart and Strategic Planning in Uncertain Times

    Nonprofit executives who excel at shaping agile plans join forces with a strategic-planning expert to explore how to forecast and plan for different potential scenarios and practical ways for CEOs to engage their staffs, boards, and the people they serve in the planning process.
  • Leading Nonprofits Through Tumultuous Times

    Tune into this inspirational conversation with two nonprofit leaders who provide a safety net to the most marginalized. Our guests discuss the domino effects of recent crises and the shifting philanthropic response; planning and budgeting amid uncertainty; and strategies for retaining staff in a hot job market.
  • The Great Nonprofit Leadership Turnover

    What systems and policies should be in place to support and retain talented executives? What can board chairs and other trustees do to set new leaders up for success, especially leaders of color?
  • Hiring and Retaining Top Talent in 2022

    Two nonprofit leaders and the CEO of an executive search firm discuss recruiting and hiring trends as well as tactics that are working to retain talented nonprofit professionals in a tight labor market.
  • Leading Courageously in Unparalleled Times

    Join Chronicle editor Stacy Palmer for a conversation with historian and Harvard business professor Nancy Koehn and Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy. They discuss Koehn’s latest book, Forged in Crisis: The Power of Courageous Leadership in Turbulent Times, and her research on leadership lessons from the Civil Rights movement.
  • Advancing Equity: How Nonprofits Can Hire More Leaders of Color

    Tune it to learn from nonprofits that succeeded in diversifying their leadership about how they did it — and how their organizations, missions, and programs have been transformed as a result.
  • Everyday Megadonors: A New Force in Giving

    Today there are nearly four times as many Americans worth $50 million or more than there were just a decade ago. Many of these millionaires and billionaires prefer to keep a low profile. Tune in to hear from several successful big-gift fundraisers how to capture the attention and support of these and other ultra-wealthy individuals.
  • Using Data to Improve Online Fundraising

    Whether its testing subject lines or social posts, analyzing email or newsletter open rates to see which messages resonate with supporters, or tracking people’s online engagement with your organization — data can take digital fundraising from good to great. Learn from your online fundraising peers how to make the most of digital data, even without a big budget.
  • Smart Fundraising: How Savvy Groups are Streamlining and Innovating

    Changing donor expectations, new technology, and a shifting digital landscape are a few of the forces influencing the ways nonprofits seek support. Which new
  • A New, More Inclusive Era of Fundraising?

    What kinds of opportunities do recent efforts to make fundraising more inclusive present to fundraisers, donors of color, the nonprofits seeking to attract them, and the larger nonprofit world? Listen to our panel of experts discuss how nonprofits can diversify their donor pools and fundraising teams and what these changes may signal for the future of fundraising.
  • What Donors of Colors Want to Hear From Nonprofits

    Nonprofits that attract donors of color recognize that the effort requires a long-term commitment to an inclusive and equitable organizational culture as well as the expertise of a diverse staff. Learn from experts who share key findings from research on high-net-worth people of color; tips for gathering information to understand your donors’ racial or ethnic background; and guidance on developing approaches that resonate with diverse audiences.
  • How to Improve Fundraiser Satisfaction and Retention

    Fundraising leaders and human-resource experts explore the results of a Chronicle survey of fundraising professionals, which shows that many want to see on-the-job changes. The panelist offer strategies for addressing common challenges without breaking the budget.
Grantmaking and Giving
  • General-Operating Grants Can Advance Equity: A Conversation With Foundation and Nonprofit Leaders

    When foundations give nonprofits general-operating grants, leaders can invest in vital activities that are not tied to a specific program or activity, but obtaining open-ended support can be challenging. How do some nonprofits succeed at attracting general-operating support? Join foundation and nonprofit executives to understand recent grant-making trends and learn how to attract unrestricted grants that further your mission and advance equity.
  • Women Philanthropists: Charting a Course for Change

    Join us to hear directly from three women philanthropists who are charting a course for change by spearheading efforts to advance equity and providing general-operating support and multi-year grants to the organizations and movements they support. We’ll delve into causes they care about, what motivates them to give, and their visions for the future of philanthropy, society, and the planet.
  • How Women Will Shape Philanthropy in the Decade Ahead

    Hear directly from a major donor and a nonprofit leader with a strong track record attracting major gifts examine the power and the potential for change women donors present in 2021 and beyond.
More Events
  • Hiring Fundraisers of Color

    Join us for a discussion that will explore smart ways to recruit, hire, and retain fundraisers of color. You’ll get advice from a recruiter and fundraising leaders who have been working to diversify their fundraising teams. Plus, you’ll gain insights into the kind of workplace fundraisers of color seek.
  • Planning and Decision Making in Uncertain Times

    The Monitor Institute by Deloitte joins the Chronicle to explore scenario planning — a well-tested method of thinking about the future — and the institute’s guide, “Event or an Era,” created to help grant makers and nonprofits plan amid uncertainty. This practical session explores highlights of the guide and how to use scenario-planning tools to navigate uncertainties.
  • Using Data Analytics to Attract and Retain Members

    Tune in as savvy leaders at membership organizations explain how they are putting their data to practical use to identify and engage recruits as well as existing members.
  • Frontline Fundraising: Tips for Balancing the Personal and Professional

    A panel of top-notch fundraisers discuss how the pandemic changed the role of frontline fundraisers and their relationships with donors, which donor-cultivation strategies are working now and what’s not.
  • Smart Tech: How to Use AI and Other Tech to Meet Your Mission

    The Chronicle invited tech experts Beth Kanter and Allison Fine, co-authors of The Smart Nonprofit: Staying Human-Centered in an Automated World, to explain how nonprofit professionals can make sound investments in technology and avoid some of common traps.
  • The Road to Recovery: Financial Health for Nonprofits

    Nonprofit executives share financial management practices that lead to success, including ways to weather financial challenges. They also offer advice on how to rebuild a nonprofit after crisis, regain financial footing during difficult times, and set a course for a sustainable future.
  • Lessons from a Pandemic: Nonprofits Reach More People Without Spending More

    Three nonprofit leaders share their experiences adapting to the crisis and explain that many of the new approaches led to an expansion of their organizations and missions.
  • How to Build a Diverse Nonprofit Staff

    Learn from nonprofit leaders who share steps they took to diversify their staffs and create cultures that welcome varied perspectives. They’ll share their experiences and offer advice on how — and why — to build diverse organizations.
  • Better Understand Your Charity’s Ratings — and Improve Fundraising Results

    Executives from Charity Navigator, Candid, and BBB Wise Giving Alliance join the Chronicle to explain the kinds of information each organization tracks about nonprofits and how to ensure your nonprofit’s profile on each site is the best it can be.
  • Reimagining Democracy: How Philanthropy Can Support Civic Life and Economic Opportunity

    Tune is as experts join the Chronicle to explore the nation’s long-term economic outlook, whether America remains a place of opportunity, and what philanthropy can do to ensure people have open pathways to economic opportunity.
  • Reimagining Democracy: Philanthropy’s Long-Term Role

    Listen to a discussion with some of the country’s leading thinkers as they explore steps foundations and big donors should take to ensure our democracy serves all its citizens well in the decades ahead.
  • Tackling Philanthropy’s Race Problem

    Wes Moore, former head of Robin Hood, and Edgar Villanueva, author of Decolonizing Wealth, share their thoughts on the steps grant makers, donors, and those outside the nonprofit world should take to ensure vital long lasting, systemic change that significantly improves the lives of people of color.
  • Will the Economic Crisis Force a Philanthropic Reset?

    Stanford University philanthropy expert Lucy Bernholz joins the Chronicle to zero-in on questions triggered by the economic crisis including: How can we go beyond short-term fixes to shore up nonprofits, such as increasing payout rates and issuing social bonds? Do we need to reconsider philanthropic structures themselves, including tax privileges and laws that have allowed these institutions to thrive in an inequitable system?