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The Philanthropy 50: an Exclusive Chronicle Ranking of Who Gives the Most to Charity

America’s 50 biggest donors gave to a broad array of causes last year. They supported nonprofits that explore the potential of artificial intelligence, seek cures for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, combat antisemitism, elevate women and girls, and much more. And while many of the donors are among the most prominent billionaires, a big share of those who gave large donations last year are quiet about their wealth and largess.

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Who Gave the Most

Search or browse this year’s list of America’s top donors and all the past lists going back to 2000. You can sort by name, amount donated, source of wealth, location, and top cause.




    Boomer and Gen X Mega-Donors Are Driving Trends in Giving

    Hear from Jon and Mindy Gray, two donors on the Philanthropy 50 this year; learn from an expert on big giving; and gain insights into our special Philanthropy 50 report from the Chronicle journalists who conducted the research.
  • Meet Jon and Mindy Gray

    Jon Gray, a financier, and his wife, Mindy, will join the Chronicle’s March 12 forum to discuss what motivates them to give and what they’re looking for when they choose nonprofits to support. Read more about the giving that landed them on the new Philanthropy 50 list.


Philanthropy 50 Data Set

The data set lists the 50 top donors each year from 2000 through 2023, including how much they gave, where they’re based, the source of their wealth, and the top causes they’ve supported.