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Solutions, Accountability, and More: Essential Local Reporting on Nonprofits

As the Chronicle of Philanthropy works to help local journalists around the country step up their coverage of the nonprofit world, it is operating a fellowship program that provides yearlong training and coaching to a select group of reporters and editors. Here are samples of the work that these organizations have published:

  • Beyond Nonprofit Overhead

    Overhead costs as a percentage of overall expenses have long been a way for the public to gauge the effectiveness of a nonprofit. But lately, that view has been changing, as many nonprofits urge different metrics to judge the sector. The Boston Business Journal reviewed overhead costs at Massachusetts’ 25 largest nonprofits, including Hebrew Senior Life, a human services nonprofit that operates a memory care unit.
  • Podcast: Unpacking the New Hanover Community Endowment’s $53-million Second Round of Giving

    In January, the North Carolina New Hanover Community Endowment. announced its second grant cycle, which included much larger, multi-year grants that take on systemic issues. The rollout was not without criticism as reported by WHQR at its podcast, The Newsroom.

More Articles by Chronicle Fellows

About the Fellowships

The Chronicle’s Philanthropy & Nonprofit Accountability Fellowship works with local news organizations to encourage them to provide regular coverage on how charitable organizations in their communities are making a difference — and to track where they fall short. Each news organization spends a year getting coaching from the Chronicle about how to report on nonprofits and training on why such coverage matters to readers, listeners, and others.

Support for the fellowship programs comes from the Lilly Endowment, which supports work by the Associated Press, the Conversation, and the Chronicle to advance public understanding of the nonprofit world.

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