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CCS is a strategic fundraising consulting firm that partners with nonprofits to raise funds and strengthen organizations.

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  • CCS Fundraising

    CCS Examines Record-breaking Philanthropic Trends in Tenth-Edition Report

    Contextualizing the latest research from across the field of philanthropy, the Snapshot of Today’s Philanthropic Landscape provides nonprofits with the information they need to create informed fundraising strategies.
  • CCS Fundraising

    CCS Survey Shows Improved Fundraising Trends and Evolved Donor Engagement Tactics

    CCS Fundraising’s latest survey results suggest a positive indicator for the future of fundraising in an increasingly virtual world as the comfort level for virtual major gift solicitations become more widespread.
  • CCS Fundraising

    What Your Organization Can Learn from Recent Changes in Giving

    CCS Fundraising executives discuss the changing landscape of giving in the US, and what nonprofit organizations can do to prepare for the future.
  • CCS Fundraising

    Data Shows Correlation Between Volunteerism and Giving

    In response to the 2018 Snapshot of the Philanthropic Landscape, featuring the most recent philanthropic data from major sources in the industry, Dee Falvo, a Senior Vice President with CCS Fundraising in the New York office, discusses statistics pertaining to volunteering and charitable giving.…
  • Eight Tips for Personal & Professional Success

    The Fundraiser’s Guide to Self-Management

    There are countless strategies to be successful in the fundraising industry. From building lasting relationships with prospects and stewarding donors, to successfully planning and executing gift requests, there are always steps to take to maximize your results. Recognizing the importance of each…