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A community. Not a conference.

Upswell is a series of convenings for changemakers of all kinds – community organizers, philanthropists, nonprofit leaders, government officials, corporate responsibility professionals and more. If you work to make America a place where all can thrive, then Upswell is for you.

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  • Upswell

    The Proof Is in the Experience

    Dan Cardinali, president and CEO of Independent Sector, shares his vision for Upswell and invites you to experience new-power community building for yourself this November 13-15 in Chicago.
  • Upswell

    The Work of Weaving Old Power and New

    In trying to foster a grassroots movement, New York Times columnist David Brooks finds that elite institutions need to give up their power — while taking on the supporting roles of illuminators, synthesizers, and conveners.
  • Upswell

    Four Lessons From New-Power Leaders

    The authors of the book New Power recognize that conferences and convenings are typically old-power affairs. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a different take on access, connections, power dynamics, and “holy things,” convenings can be a powerful tool for building authentic and diverse communities.
  • Upswell

    Come Together: Discovering and Building the Power of Community

    Relationships, creativity, inspiration, social capital: Four nonprofit leaders from Chicago discuss why physical space still matters in movement building — and how community voices are finding new ways to make themselves heard.
  • Upswell

    Power, Community, and Convening: The Upswell Example

    Instead of just “dropping in” on a city, what if a national convening could grow from the soil of a place, nourished by the unique values and experiences of the community? Two architects of Upswell reveal eight design principles behind a distinctly new-power approach to community building.