January 15, 2016

Podcast: Measuring Results to Level the Fundraising Playing Field

Aggressive marketing has been the path to growth for many of the nation’s biggest charities, and it has led to a worrisome concentration of wealth in the nonprofit sector, says Ken Berger, former head of Charity Navigator.

But marketing isn’t the only way for nonprofits to motivate donors and grow, says Mr. Berger, who is now managing director of Algorhythm, a company that helps organizations use data to measure their performance. In a Tiny Spark interview with host Amy Costello, Mr. Berger says that effective use of data to convey results can help smaller nonprofits get the share of funds they deserve.

"The reality is that we need to get to a point where nonprofits are evaluated based upon meaningful results rather than upon marketing or storytelling," Mr. Berger says.

Mr. Berger says that while measuring impact is costly, there are ways around such challenges for nonprofits. Listen to the podcast to hear examples.