July 08, 2016

Podcast: The Art of Social Entrepreneurship

Many artists are social entrepreneurs, according to Laura Callanan — they just don’t get called that, or get the same access to capital markets.

After careers in finance, foundations, and nonprofit consulting, Ms. Callanan co-founded Upstart Co-Lab last November. The New York group links artists addressing issues like criminal justice, the environment, and urban resiliency with entrepreneurs, impact investors, and sustainable companies in an effort to attract capital for creativity.

"Artists connect big intellectual concepts to very human experiences," she says. "Artists focus in on those things that we have in common with one another. ... They break down walls, break down barriers."

In this segment from the Business of Giving, Ms. Callanan describes how Upstart Co-Lab got its start and how it works to create opportunities for artists as innovators, collaborators, and agents of social change.

Listen to the full interview below.