November 02, 2016

Podcast: Why Small and Midsize Nonprofits Rock

This is the last episode of Fundraising Fundamentals at The Chronicle of Philanthropy, which launched the monthly, short-form podcast in 2012 to examine all aspects of drawing dollars for good works.

Host Tony Martignetti devotes his swan song at this site to talking about why "small shops rock." He extols the benefits of working and raising money for modestly sized organizations and the greater opportunities they provide for making human connections and "finding ways to treat people special."

"You have the capacity to show love on a professional level," he says. "When you show your love, you’re going to raise more money," and create deeper, more meaningful bonds with donors, volunteers, and co-workers.

Mr. Martignetti also says goodbye to his Chronicle listeners and discusses where he will take Fundraising Fundamentals next. Listen to the full podcast below.