March 28, 2016

Podcast: Your Gala Might Be a Tradition, but Is It Effective?

In this month’s episode of Fundraising Fundamentals, Susan Gabriel, senior associate at Cause Effective, discusses how nonprofits can evaluate whether the tradition annual gala, a fundraising sacred cow at many organizations, is doing its job.

Because galas are expensive to put on, Ms. Gabriel says groups must critically assess whether they are bringing in enough revenue and truly raising the visibility or an organization or cause.

"If you’re putting too much in, and you’re just not getting enough out, then you really need to stop and take a breath and take a look at it," she adds.

Listen to the full podcast below.

Tony Martignetti is the host of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio and he video blogs at He talks with nonprofit leaders and consultants about how organizations can more effectively raise money, build better relationships with boards and supporters, and manage volunteers. Look for new installments once a month.