May 28, 2015

Simple Ways to Boost Planned Giving

In this episode of Fundraising Fundamentals, planned giving consultant Claire Meyerhoff provides tips on how to best treat your organization’s donors to make sure they include your organization in their wills.

Don't overcomplicate your program, she says, and get back to basics: Ask donors to include your organization in their plans, ask if you are already in their wills, and consistently show gratitude for every gift.

“'Thank you' are the two most powerful and greatest words in planned giving,” she says.

Understanding why your donor cares and spending the time to give them what they need is important for your organization’s future.


Claire Meyerhoff is the editorial director of Planned Giving Marketing LLC and presenter of the popular “Coffee Time Planned Giving” workshops. You can find her on Twitter at @ClaireSez.

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