June 22, 2017

How to Find the Right Nonprofit Job

Searching for your first job at a charity or looking to move to a different one? We’ve got tips on how to identify the position that’s right for you — and how to make it yours.

July 06, 2016

Big or Small Charity? What to Consider When Looking for the Right Fundraising Job

Development officers and consultants share things to keep in mind when considering whether to work at a small or large nonprofit.

January 30, 2017

How Students Can Prepare for a Nonprofit Career

In her latest advice column, nonprofit expert Allison Fine answers a reader's question about students who want to go right from college into work that benefits others. In a quandary about your career? Need tips on leadership? Ask Allison.

December 08, 2016

How to Find a Nonprofit Job That Fits

Do the research, ask the right questions, and look for the clues that tell you whether a prospective workplace will be toxic or terrific.

July 20, 2011

A Job Hunter Gets Advice on Landing Her First Job in Philanthropy

Members of The Chronicle's LinkedIn group offer advice to a recent graduate who wants to start a career as a grant maker.

April 01, 2015

Behind the Scenes of a Fundraiser Search: the Job Seeker’s Perspective

The new director of gift planning at Pennsylvania State University talks about his recent job search. Here’s what other charities can learn from his experience.

July 27, 2016

11 Tips for Dealing With Headhunters

Recruitment professionals offer advice for working with them, even if you are not looking for a new job.

June 16, 2014

12 Questions Job Seekers Should Ask—and Nonprofits Should Be Able to Answer

Knowing the size of an organization's donor database, its marketing budget, and other key figures helps fundraisers set reasonable expectations for negotiations.