June 14, 2016

Tools to Help You Make the Most of the Latest ‘Giving USA’ Findings

Growth in giving was slower in 2015 than in 2014, says the latest “Giving USA,” but still set a record for the amount raised. Savvy fundraisers can build on last year’s 4 percent increase in giving by using the following ideas for getting individuals, foundations, and companies to give more in 2016.

Giving from individuals accounts for more than 70 percent of total giving, so it makes sense to focus on attracting and keeping individual donors. Want Your Donors to Give Year After Year? Start Here.

Independent, individual, and operating-foundation giving grew by more than 6 percent in 2015. To take advantage of foundation largess, consult Tips and Advice for Better Grant Seeking.  

Corporations gave more than $18 billion last year, a nearly 4 percent increase over 2014. This sum includes donations of products, cash, and foundation grants. For pointers on securing business support, consult the tool kit How to Attract Corporate Philanthropy.

Giving by bequest accounted for nearly $32 billion of charitable giving last year. If your nonprofit wants to start or improve its planned-giving program, check out Getting Started With Planned Gifts.

From major gifts to corporate philanthropy to planned giving and grant seeking, it may seem like the number of fundraising programs a nonprofit must run grows each year. If you need more people or a bigger budget to attract a more diverse pool of supporters, consult How to Budget for Fundraising Growth.

June 14, 2016

Donations Grow 4% to $373 Billion, Says ‘Giving USA’

International and education organizations fared particularly well, according to the annual report on philanthropy in America. But are there signs of slowing growth ahead?

Tool Kit
February 27, 2015

Want Your Donors to Give Year After Year? Start Here.

These key concepts can help your nonprofit increase its retention rate.

Tool Kit
March 02, 2015

Tips and Advice for Better Grant Seeking

Key concepts and advice to help organizations win grants from foundations.

Tool Kit
February 09, 2016

How to Attract Corporate Philanthropy

A guide to the sometimes confusing world of business philanthropy, including social-responsibility departments, corporate foundations, marketing divisions, and more.

Tool Kit
March 01, 2015

Getting Started With Planned Gifts

Key concepts, ideas, and resources to help your organization set up a planned-giving program.

Tool Kit
June 10, 2015

How to Budget for Fundraising Growth

Extensive research has shown that budgeting more for administrative costs in the development office results in substantially greater contributions.