July 30, 2014

Does Bitcoin Make Sense for Your Organization?

Digital "cryptocurrencies" like Bitcoin are helping some organizations raise tens of thousands of dollars. Advocates argue that such currencies are especially valuable to nonprofits because overhead costs can be lower than with credit cards and international money transfer fees.

Join us on Wednesday, August 6, at noon Eastern time for a discussion that will move past the buzzwords and address questions about whether your organization should consider using cryptocurrencies, where to find resources to collect and process them, and how to communicate about the technology with colleagues and donors.

The Guests:

William McNulty is the co-founder and managing director of Team Rubicon Global, which mobilizes military veterans to provide disaster relief. The group has raised more than $70,000 in Bitcoins.

Erich Mische is the executive director of the nonprofit Spare Key, which provides financial assistance to families caring for seriously ill children. There he created the position of director of cryptocurrency development.

Elizabeth Ploshay is an account manager at BitPay, a web platform on which merchants manage Bitcoin transactions. She is in charge of outreach to nonprofits and political organizations. Ms. Ploshay also sits on the Board of Directors of the Bitcoin Foundation.

The Moderator:

Megan O'Neil is a web reporter at The Chronicle covering technology, fundraising, and management, among other topics.