April 08, 2014

How Nonprofits Are Using Google Hangout

View a video discussion on how organizations are using Google Hangouts to talk to grant recipients around the world, teach people new skills, and more. 

The Guests:

Mackenzie Thomas is member of the Google+ Community Partnerships team. She has helped people use Google Hangouts for projects involving the Olympics, a virtual eulogy for Nelson Mandela, and a fundraising Hangout-a-thon. 

Stosh Mintek is an executive producer at the Ghetto Film School. Since 2004, he has produced films for the school in France, Uganda, and Brazil and hundreds of short films in New York City.

Ted Farley is the executive director of the It Gets Better Project, which inspires changes to make the world a better place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youths.

Chris Simamora is program director for Dalai Lama Fellows, which grants fellowships to college students working on peace, justice, and ecology around the world. 

The Moderator:

Raymund Flandez is a staff writer for The Chronicle of Philanthropy, who covers fundraising with a focus on how technology and social media shape fundraising strategies.