July 23, 2014

How to Use Your Group's History to Help Communicate Your Mission

Creating an organizational history is no small task. But the myriad story-telling formats and new user-friendly digital tools can make it an exciting undertaking.

Whether you want to refresh an existing account or create an interactive timeline, telling your group's story can help you keep its history alive and the organization true to its mission.

History projects don’t have to be limited to major anniversaries: Annual updates can reflect leadership changes and shifting priorities from the previous year.

Watch the live discussion below for a discussion about how to create and use your institutional history to best advantage.

The Guests:

Peter F. Bird is the president and chief executive of the Frist Foundation, in Nashville. He wrote the organization’s first history in the early 1990s and updates it every year.

Jessica I. Elfenbein is a historian and senior associate dean at the Graduate School at the University of South Carolina. She has written extensively about philanthropy and worked to reconnect dozens of nonprofits, foundations, and civic organizations with their historic roots through a special archives project at the University of Baltimore.

The Host:

Megan O'Neil is a reporter for The Chronicle. She covers fundraising, technology, and more.