December 15, 2015

Pay-for-Success Financing: Anatomy of a Deal

During this video discussion, we will walk viewers through the structure of a recent pay-for-success deal, with attention to the following issues:

  • Why traditional financing methods did not work to accomplish the goals of the project 
  • How to win support for this form of financing from government agencies  
  • How foundations and philanthropy can shape a deal 


Connie Malloy, program director, James Irvine Foundation, who oversees the foundation’s Pay for Success Initiative, a partnership with the Nonprofit Finance Fund to test a new approach to paying for social services, with the goal of improving results while reducing costs.

Eileen Neely, director of capital innovation, Living Cities, who leads the study of pay-for-success financing models at Living Cities, which promotes joint efforts by philanthropy and financial institutions to improve the lives of low-income people and the cities in which they live.

George Overholser, CEO and co-founder, Third Sector Capital Partners, a frequent speaker and writer on the topic of finance innovation in the nonprofit sector.

Justin Milner, managing director, Pay For Success Initiative, Urban Institute, who focuses on the intersection of research, policy, and practice in seeking evidence-based programs to improve the lives of children and their families.

Host: Alex Daniels, staff writer, The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Alex Daniels covers foundations and public policy for The Chronicle of Philanthropy. He previously covered Capitol Hill for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

This is the second of three videos on pay-for-success financing. Check back to find new videos in the coming weeks.