PicoFeed The Chronicle of Philanthropy https://philanthropy.com/ 2020-07-03T20:35:21-04:00 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Elizabeth Alexander Outlines Mellon's Shift to Social-Justice Grant Making https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Elizabeth-Alexander-Outlines/249109 2020-07-02T09:59:00-04:00 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's new grant-making strategy includes $500 million in grants this year, an increase of $200 million over its planned budget. By Alex Daniels For Philanthropy to Achieve Its Goals, Democracy Must Work (Opinion) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/For-Philanthropy-to-Achieve/249100 2020-07-02T08:00:00-04:00 Grant makers give less than 2 percent of their dollars annually to strengthening civic participation and government. Let’s turn that around and reinvent our democracy to serve everyone. By Stephen Heintz Philanthropy Must Continue Its Support for Young Immigrants — Even With the Supreme Court DACA Victory (Opinion) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Philanthropy-Must-Continue-Its/249099 2020-07-02T08:00:00-04:00 Grant makers and other donors must continue to invest in community groups that help young undocumented immigrants work and study in the United States, while also supporting advocates seeking long-term solutions to the dangerous obstacles facing immigrants today. By Shannon Gleeson and Els de Graauw Foundations Are Breaking All the Rules in the Pandemic. They Need to Keep Doing That. (Dispatches) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Foundations-Are-Breaking-All/249091 2020-06-30T08:38:00-04:00 Meeting together on Zoom, the walls that hobbled collaboration are falling. How can we keep the spirit going and make grantees a central part of every aspect of our operations? By Lisa Pilar Cowan Editor's Notebook: a Renewed Quest for Racial Equity https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Editors-Notebook-a-Renewed/249064 2020-06-30T08:30:00-04:00 Nonprofits and foundations are grappling with critical questions of diversity and racial equity. A look inside the Chronicle's July 2020 issue. By Stacy Palmer A Turning Point for Equity in the Workplace https://www.philanthropy.com/article/A-Turning-Point-for-Equity-in/249065 2020-06-30T08:30:00-04:00 In a country suddenly riveted by issues of race, will nonprofits finally move forward on equity in the workplace, or will Covid and the economy derail their plans? By Eden Stiffman and Jim Rendon ‘Trauma, Promise, and Possibility’ https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Trauma-Promise-and/249066 2020-06-30T08:30:00-04:00 Black-led groups see a rare opportunity to advance racial justice. The question is whether foundations will give them what they need to step up. By Jim Rendon and Eden Stiffman To Combat Racism, Nonprofits Need to Knit Generations Together, Leader Says https://www.philanthropy.com/article/To-Combat-Racism-Nonprofits/249068 2020-06-30T08:30:00-04:00 Ben Jealous says young people play a critical role in fighting racism.  By Eden Stiffman The Struggle to Build a Social-Justice Group as a Black Leader https://www.philanthropy.com/article/The-Struggle-to-Build-a/249069 2020-06-30T08:30:00-04:00 Kandace Montgomery worked for no pay to get her Minneapolis group, Black Visions Collective, off the ground. Now it has new donors and broad interest, but she’s not sure that will last. By Jim Rendon Coronavirus Diary: What Keeps a Disaster-Preparedness Leader Awake at Night https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Coronavirus-Diary-What-Keeps/249063 2020-06-30T08:30:00-04:00 Nicolette Louissaint, executive director of Healthcare Ready, is concerned about the country's level of preparedness and the difficulty of having to worry about her loved ones and her team as they respond to a crisis.     As told to Nicole Wallace Public-Philanthropic Effort Aims to Feed the Hungry, Put Restaurant Staff Back to Work https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Public-Philanthropic-Effort/249072 2020-06-30T08:30:00-04:00 By ordering meals through a delivery platform called Tock, those in need pay nothing, while those with cash to spare can choose to make a donation or pay more than the value of the meal. The extra dollars help cover free meals and, in the best case, provide a profit to the restaurant. By Emily Haynes How to Tackle Race at Your Organization https://www.philanthropy.com/article/How-to-Tackle-Race-at-Your/249067 2020-06-30T08:30:00-04:00 Nonprofit CEO Rahsaan Harris offers advice about how to talk about race in your organization — and act on those discussions As told to Eden Stiffman A Defining Moment for Racial Equity https://www.philanthropy.com/specialreport/a-defining-moment-for-racial-e/250 2020-06-30T08:28:00-04:00 Will nonprofits and foundations seize the momentum and move toward racial equity? Americans Who Need Charities the Most Don't Trust Them https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Americans-Who-Need-Charities/249085 2020-06-29T10:18:00-04:00 Fifty-nine percent of Americans say they have “high trust” in nonprofits, according to a new survey from Independent Sector, but that trust is lower among poorer Americans, those with less education, and those who live in rural areas. By Michael Theis Michael and Noémi Neidorff Pledge $5 Million for Medical Research (Gifts Roundup) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/MichaelNo-mi-Neidorff/249084 2020-06-29T09:54:00-04:00 Plus, two colleges, a hospital ,and a food bank all received million dollar gifts. By Maria Di Mento Foundations Establish $5 Million Covid-19 Response Fund to Focus on the Global Economy https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Foundations-Establish-5/249080 2020-06-29T09:09:00-04:00 The Ford, Open Society, and other foundations have pooled $5 million in a fund that seeks to quickly help people harmed by the coronavirus pandemic and work toward long-term changes to a global economic system they view as broken. By Alex Daniels Rockefeller Brothers Fund Launches Program on Racial Justice, Boosts Grants by $48 Million https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Rockefeller-Brothers-Fund/249079 2020-06-29T09:00:00-04:00 The goals of the new racial-justice program still need to be developed, but Rockefeller says much of the work will stem from the foundation’s democracy practice. By Alex Daniels How to Avoid Excuses That Prevent Grant Makers From Aiding Black-Led Organizations (Opinion) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/How-to-Avoid-Excuses-That/249070 2020-06-29T08:00:00-04:00 The notion persists that investing in grassroots organizations headed by people of color is inherently risky. Here are five ways to challenge that thinking from two experts on nonprofit finance. By Rodney Foxworth and Antony Bugg-Levine Fidelity Donor-Advised-Fund Giving Soars, Especially for Food Assistance https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Fidelity-Donor-Advised-Fund/249078 2020-06-26T18:03:00-04:00 Donors disbursed $2.35 billion in the first four months of this year, an increase of 16 percent over the same period last year, according to a new report. By Dan Parks Covid Erased an Estimated 1.6 Million U.S. Nonprofit Jobs From March Through May https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Covid-Erased-an-Estimated-16/249076 2020-06-26T12:10:00-04:00 Private education nonprofits lost an estimated 323,201 jobs, while health care lost an estimated 574,530.  By Michael Theis National Urban Fellows Chooses Former Fellow as Next Leader (Transitions) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/National-Urban-Fellows-Chooses/249075 2020-06-26T11:55:00-04:00 Also, Sesame Workshop has a new creative leader, and the Community Foundation of Louisville has hired its next CEO. By M.J. Prest Surveys Show Mixed Bag for Donor Behavior Due to Covid https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Surveys-Show-Mixed-Bag-for/249074 2020-06-26T11:37:00-04:00 Most people in LendingTree’s survey said they had not changed their giving this year, and 15 percent said they had paused donations due to income loss. A QuickBooks survey found that 47 percent were giving less than a month ago. By Michael Theis Rebuilding After Covid-19 (Podcast) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Rebuilding-After-Covid-19/249073 2020-06-26T11:34:00-04:00 Grant Oliphant, president of the Heinz Endowments, talks about the challenges of the “reimagining” phase after a crisis and the role of advocacy and public policy. Momentum Fund Seeks to Help Nonprofits Overwhelmed by Relief Contributions https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Momentum-Fund-Seeks-to-Help/249060 2020-06-25T11:08:00-04:00 Nearly 700 groups have applied for an $8.5 million pool of grant money to help administer coronavirus rapid-response funds equitably. By Alex Daniels More Than Half of Fundraisers Expect to Raise Less Money This Year https://www.philanthropy.com/article/More-Than-Half-of-Fundraisers/249059 2020-06-25T10:32:00-04:00 More than half of fundraisers expect to raise less money in 2020 than they did in 2019, and an equal percentage believe that will also be the case in 2021, according to a survey of the Association of Fundraising Professionals members conducted in May. By Eden Stiffman Growing Network Helps Nonprofits With Partnerships and Mergers https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Growing-Network-Helps/249057 2020-06-25T09:10:00-04:00 As the recession puts pressures on nonprofits to adopt efficiencies, an organization of grant makers is making money and expertise available. By Dan Parks Supporting Environmental and Public Health Journalism Is Critical to Disaster Preparedness (Opinion) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Supporting-Environmental-and/249055 2020-06-24T18:39:00-04:00 Foundations have spent millions on health and climate research and policy. But those dollars would have a greater impact if they were backed up by media and communications projects that raised awareness about those issues. By Vincent Stehle Stress Forces Fundraisers to Take New Approaches https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Stress-Forces-Fundraisers-to/249049 2020-06-24T11:11:00-04:00 The recession, the health crisis, and the social-justice movement are all putting new pressure on development leaders, especially those whose nonprofits serve the neediest. By Maria Di Mento KaJ Labs Commits $50 Million for Racial Justice and Equity (Grants Roundup) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/KaJ-Labs-Commits-50-Million/249048 2020-06-24T11:06:00-04:00 Other grants to support Black nonprofits include $25 million from Eli Lilly and Company and its foundation and $11 million from the Clara Lionel Foundation, which was started by the singer Rihanna. By M.J. Prest Don’t Ask How Am I Doing, Ask What Am I Doing. What Are We All Doing? (Opinion) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Don-t-Ask-How-Am-I-Doing/249046 2020-06-24T10:42:00-04:00 My arrest at a protest following George Floyd’s murder was inconvenient and uncomfortable, but those of us in philanthropy can’t afford to sit on the sidelines. We need to use our voices to fight for social justice in all settings, says one foundation leader. By Shawn Escoffery New Membership Group Aims to Give Women Fundraisers of Color a Seat at the Table https://www.philanthropy.com/article/New-Membership-Group-Aims-to/249045 2020-06-24T10:19:00-04:00 Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy aims to create a national gathering place for women of color to find mentorship, networking, and career advancement, among other resources. By Emily Haynes In Twin Crises, Philanthropy's Test Is All About Power (Opinion) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/In-Twin-Crises-Philanthropys/249044 2020-06-24T10:08:00-04:00 As foundations figure out how to respond to the pandemic and racial inequality, they will be graded not just by how much they give but also how much they give up their resources and decision-making authority. By Benjamin Soskis How the Covid-19 Pandemic Has Affected Fundraising (Podcast) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/How-the-Covid-19-Pandemic-Has/249039 2020-06-23T10:10:00-04:00 Bill Strathmann, who heads Network for Good, discusses trends in fundraising due to the pandemic. Giving Plunges 6% in First Quarter, Signaling $25 Billion in Lost Revenue for Nonprofits https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Giving-Plunges-6-in-First/249034 2020-06-22T11:58:00-04:00 Individual giving declined 6 percent in the first quarter of this year compared with last year, a trend that would lead to $25 billion in lost revenue for nonprofits if it continues throughout 2020, according to a new survey. By Michael Theis and Dan Parks Netflix Co-Founder Reed Hastings and Wife, Patty Quillin, Give $120 Million to Spelman, Morehouse, and UNCF (Gifts Roundup) https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Netflix-Co-Founder-Reed/249033 2020-06-22T11:34:00-04:00 Plus, five other universities received large donations from wealthy philanthropists. By Maria Di Mento